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  1. BW haven't agreed to anything in writing or by phone. Just got a letter saying your (dead mother) credit rating may be affected we may send collectors etc. When I called them they just said send in a copy of her death certificate with a covering letter. I assume this will be the end of it all and never hear from them again. I sent a letter and copy of death certificate to all parties (Eon, BW and PRAC) and sent a copy of each company's letter to each other as well. Yes I know that they can't chase me for my dead mother's alleged debt. It's just the principal of it all. Surely these companies have systems in place to know the customer is dead after 18 months ?
  2. Refund was in March/April 2020. The first I became aware of this was the 4th December 2021 via letter to my address. BW wants to offer a 70% reduction to about £26ish. They are not chasing me personally. They are chasing my dead mother. I'm not paying towards their Christmas party drinks bill.
  3. That's their problem. They said account was £89 in credit when it was closed. Sent the cheque after about 3-4 weeks. They can't get it back from dead people. Unless they hold a seance.
  4. Yes it was in her name at her address. She used my address as a care of address when she moved into a care home. I was managing her affairs from my address while she was in the care home. Eon was made aware of this and agreed to it. She/we used the Royal Mail redirection service from her old address to my address.
  5. No not a bill at all. She was in credit by £89.59 when the account was closed. They sent the check to her care of address (my address) as she was in a care home.
  6. The actual timeline is mum transferred from hospital to care home 18 Feb. We cleared house etc and handed keys back to council 17 March. We informed Eon on the 17 March and gave a final meter reading (Key meter) We assumed that was it. Mum died 25 May in care home. Don't know if this makes a difference ?
  7. What fun it would be if it went quite far with "collectors" turning up at my door. Imagine the service charges adding up and all for nothing Yes I do have a PRAC letter and it does say Our Client E.ON.
  8. Don't worry I intend to get to the bottom of this. I assume that I cannot be chased for this in anyway ? Or if I am chased I can ignore and not play their game ? It's just the principal of it all. To ask my mother to pay a "debt" 18 months after her death isn't on.
  9. My best guess is that when we surrendered the house back to the council, we informed them of the utilities already in place and that the council didn't contact eon. The council was going into lockdown that day and I guess things got missed etc.
  10. So I phoned up BW and informed them of the circumstances. I was asked to provide proof etc. This is the email and actual letter I sent to all parties involved (E.on, PRAC and BW) Following my telephone call with your agent on the 4th December 2021, I wish to inform you that my mother xxxx xxxx passed away on the xxth May 2020. I enclose a copy of her death certificate for proof as requested. My mother has never resided at this address. It was used as a care of address whilst she was moving into a care home for palliative care. E.on was informed of the circumstances as soon as possible. I was also informed by your agent that no further action would be taken and that I consider this to be end of the matter.
  11. It says Eon have passed the debt on to PRAC Financial. Really don't need this right now as I've just come out of hospital after suffering a stroke
  12. Hi, I have just received a letter at my address from BW Legal/PRAC on behalf of Eon in the name of my deceased mother who passed away in May 2020. In the letter, it says she owes E.ON a sum of £89.59. Last year she was transferred into a care home for palliative care from hospital in February and therefore would not be returning to her council house and I informed council, utilities etc etc. We had 3 weeks to clear her house which we did. We cleared the house and handed it and the keys over to the council. We then informed Eon that the house is now empty and is in the possession of the council. Mum passed away in May 2020. I was her executor of her will. The will was very basic and it was just small possessions to give to family. There was no money to leave. In a part of the will was she had life insurance policy which was spent on a headstone for her and my father. Please advised what to do next.
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