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  1. I paid for a next day delivery of my drone having left it at a Hermes parcel shop. The item was scanned out of the parcel shop that night and not scanned into the first depot it was scheduled to arrive at. After two months of investigations Hermes cannot tell me what happened to my large 5-10kg parcel in a peli case between the parcel shop and the depot scan and they want to offer me £20 on a parcel worth £1550. It is obvious that all fingers point to the person that collected from the parcel shop and didn't scan it into the depot they were supposed to arrive at. ANY other small courier this would be seen as fraud or theft and hermes cannot be allowed to stand behind 'internal policies'. I would like to take this further because Hermes cannot be allowed to run such a racket. Any help is appreciated. It goes without saying lessoned learned and I will never send anything via Hermes again.
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