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  1. Thank you. I will have a look and see if we could arrange something like this.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply dx100uk. I will definitely let them know about my new address then. unclebulgaria67 - thank you for the reply as well. I was thinking to try and negotiate an affordable payment with them, after reading so many topics on this forum. But my only concern is that we would not be able to afford much, hence we will probably end up paying the interest only for a very long time, which seems pointless money out of the window. So I am not sure whether to try that or just leave it all for now, and see how things play out.
  3. Hello Everyone! This forum is really helpful, and I am hoping to get a bit of advice. Me and my husband sadly have to move away from the UK, as we feel we cannot cope here anymore as a result of covid (being laid off) and Brexit. Due to this and other sudden changes in our circumstances, we have to move quickly, and there is no way we can settle our outstanding debts, and will likely wont be able to in the near future. We are moving to mainland Europe (EU) and do not intend to return. My husband has roughly £5000 debt on HSBC credit card, on which he has never missed a payment so far. I have a £2500 HSBC cc and £25.000 HSBC personal loan debt also on which I have never missed a payment up until now. I am very anxious as to how to proceed. We never had any issues paying our bills and credit cards, but I see no hope of settling these debts. We both work very hard, over 60 hours a week and we feel awful about being in this situation but we feel like we cannot cope anymore. How likely is it that HSBC will come after us and try to recover the money? We will have no assets in the UK but have a house in the EU country we are moving to. Can they come after us? Will Brexit make it harder for them to do so? I imagine they will at least try to recover my £27.500 debt as that is quiet a large sum. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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