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  1. so latest update cannot download letter but date of L o is as stated can you help do they need to renew or similar the L o again after july 2019 to involve bailiffs as of recent thanks........
  2. struggling a little with that its jpg image also anyway the date for Lo is july 2019 this is where the 500 £ ish is owed from any info you need, i:ll do my best to get to you in print not much said on copy of letter theyve just sent, other than date and there threats of bailiffs visit and 14 days to pay up before actions ,
  3. ok , here is the latest update, , i have received letter from council regarding liability order for outstanding c/tax, i e the date concerning the above matters, the date is july 2019 all advice is greatly appreciated........ ,
  4. i do not and will not enter any payment arrangement with a bailiff company .... especially for an amount from the council that may not be valid yet ! i will not communicate with these types of people the hard work and suffering involved .dropping an envelope through a letterbox .. for said fees well !! no comment on that if everyone stopped blindly paying dca s tommorow.............................. thanks for advice
  5. it started at 500 owed yes ,then went to around 800 after added bailiff costs , it is a new action yes, as far as i was aware id payed previous years and its and not come up before ,accept letter from council recently couple mths before these actions, at the moment about an previous yrs amount being owed.. i e the said amount as above .. should i ask for the liability order date from council ? what are the usual procedures when vehicles "are" taken then vary rarely in those circumstances just trying to paint a picture here, avatar ....i am dealing with it ,this is why im here ! my arcs are covered, i have very genuine interests as the procedures here i e /clamping and removal of vehicles including values of goods taken by bailiffs that are more than the value of actual c.tax bill with added costs,and the afterwards usual procedure by bailiffs regards c /tax issues after impounding a car and what happens next usually...as i have no knowledge here and didnt think they could take goods more than the total value of owed amount ... .if it is actually owed that is. thanks very much all
  6. c tax is at present home .. ill try to reword my question , can they officially put it on a lorry to take away if they so decided, ,again i understand they ll clamp to intimidate payment.. ? i do usually when behind catch up with monthly c tax as explained to the council in previous letters to them, struggling to see where its owed but council sent letter saying owed 2019/ 2020 , what is the law regards taking a vehicle worth more than c /tax bill ? ive asked council for breakdown of where amount is owed by letter , they replied quite basically with the c t /year, im looking at wc scenario here thats all, .... do they often sell vehicles when ? if taken and compounded etc .........how common is it for vehicles to be taken and will it cost them....... thanks
  7. so can they take it away,? said vehicle that is ,...even though value is is more than said owed amount and can they sell the vehicle or would it be impounded sadly the predetermined stereo types come from experience....i will be contacting the council
  8. ok , had a letter usual first letter, owed 500 ish c tax... .then a visit dropped of letter second stage i believe this is , then third letter in post usual procedure with their so called hard work costs involved and added..... i know they target vehicles, nothing occurred yet ,, all council tax related from unknown figures around 2019 my interest being on the value of car being more than is owed . can they take it and sell it . what is the law on this matter... and what happens to all the extra money from sale after the owed amount is taken / assuming a vehicle can be taken...? again, many thanks to you all, salt of the earth.......
  9. have council tax from previous yrs owed at 500 ish..... question being what is situation regarding so called agents bailiffs , bristow and sutor.. .whatever they like to label their action man suit with due to being afraid of real work and the need to wear a pretend uniform!!! and attempts to intimidate single mothers and old folks!! question is... can they clamp and threaten to take a vehicle 10 x the value of council tax owed ??? when the amount owed is much smaller than the value of said vehicle, vehicle used to get to work... many thanks, and keep up the professional advice on hear ... ... power in no s/...........
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