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  1. I finally had a response from the company after rejecting their offer on the portal - they have reviewed it and decided it was fair, and have offered the same amount. I'm now in a position to send the letter before action using a modified version of your suggestion above.
  2. Thanks, I quite agree - if I'm back in the position I was before then there's no reason to claim. I spent a great deal of time going through the previous similar threads, from the minute the parcels went missing and I think I've got a reasonable understanding of the process thanks to all your help with other users! Luckily I've also filed a County Court claim before, though it was about 10 years ago. Where I'm lost at the moment is what to put as a response on Parcel2go's portal as a reason for rejecting their offer of £20.
  3. I did it by myself, as they advised me. I have received a refund although I'm not sure if it ever got there; the tracking shows it as lost at Hermes distribution centre.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. I returned one as you described, it was an online order so as per the store's rules needed to be posted back at my expense using a tracked service. I am claiming for the second phone which I had wrapped and sent as a birthday gift to my partner who lives in another city.
  5. I bought an iPhone as a gift for the other half, and wasn't happy with it, so I arranged to send it back to the retailer for a refund using Hermes via Parcel2Go. I bought another one to send instead and again booked Hermes via Parcel2Go. I dropped both parcels off at the Parcelshop, got my receipt, and to absolutely nobody's surprise both of them went missing! One entered the network and then disappeared, one didn't even get picked up until I complained, then disappeared as well. Having sent all the documents Parcel2Go were asking for, they have offered to settle my claim for £20 (+ the cost of carriage) Date Sent: 18 Oct 21 what was the item: iPhone what was its value: £670 was the item properly declared: Yes was the value properly declared: Yes did you take out the so-called insurance: No did you book this with HERMES directly or did you use a broker such as Packlink or parcel2go?: Parcel2go Was the parcel simply lost? Or is it damaged and then destroyed? Or is it simply damage?: Lost As far as I'm concerned they knew what they were carrying and how much it was worth, and either didn't take proper care of them, or somewhere along the line someone's been dishonest and nabbed them. I didn't get their extortionate extra insurance because I would have had to pay it twice as it was for two parcels. Could someone please help me draft a response to their less-than-generous offer and for a county court claim?
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