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  1. Hi re the above, since letting my contract lapse in 2020 i continued using Talk Talk internet, at their original monthly cost, until i found a more reliable and cost effective supplier . In February 2021 Talk Talk released details of their proposed price increase and gave me the only option to contact them by phone in order to cease using their broadband to avoid the new tariff! I immediately contacted them advising i was now about to transfer to an alternative supplier and reminded Talk Talk that my contract was lapsed. The customer services confirmed this and stated they would waive the usual termination fees. I received the means to facilitate the return of the usual router etc which i promptly returned on 30.4.21, i have the receipt as proof . I have recently been receiving electronic monthly bills which i have just ignored, however, this latest letter received today curiously mentions the single amount of £34.18 as an outstanding balance! I do hope all this is clear to understand i look forward to your comments? Kind regards Madman70
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