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  1. I have just looked last payment was 2004 and nothing since then I panicked and spoke to resolve call and they said that the details that had been passed to them was it was 2004 with default 2005. i queried this debt and said I knew nothing of it and that if it from then this means it is SB? They said yes and will close their case and pass it back to Arrow what do I do now? I suppose right to arrow directly which is what you have all advised?
  2. it is not showing on any of my credit files I've attached the letters I have had from both companies - global are adamant I am not to contact them i will send a CCA to arrow this evening with 1.00 attached is that ok?
  3. I am so sorry I am really confused adn I apologise if I seem a bit think here the debt if it is that shop direct account is from cirra 2004/2005 Global have said not to contact them directly - they sent me a letter last week saying it was being handed to resolvecall and I have had the letter today so are you advising to send a CCA letter and SAR to Global? can I do this via email (currently self isolating due to covid shall I tell the debt agency I am goign direct to global in case they turn up? what is a SAR?
  4. Hi all so do not reply to resolvecall? I was going to send them a statue bared letter - is this not correct? I do not have global arrow details is there a template letter I can use?
  5. Hello I hope somebody can help a company callled resolve call have been sending me threatening letters for a debt I don't even recall for 254.95 from arrow global they are saying they are going to come to my house. Is there a letter I can send them via email or post to query this debt? I don't know anything about it but in another letter they said it was related to a shop direct account which I believe is more than 6 years old so would this be statue barred? any help would be appreciated as I am recovering from COVID and could do with out this added stress thanks you
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