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  1. @stevezzqq Have you found the other GM group on Facebook ? As this post would be better posted on there, as there are many people on that group in this situation. My FOS case against WCFS is still in progress. If you previously had a claim with FSCS , I would suggest you recontact them as they are aware of WCFS not paying FOS claim decisions. I personally think it is only a matter of time before WCFS go into administration as they can't meet all the claims. In my case they appear as one line on my SIPP statement taking £480 fee. I had no knowledge they were involved.
  2. I have it on good authority, to resubmit a fresh claim with FSCS against Wellington Court, reference your previous FSCS \ FOS claims and attach the FSCS\FOS decision letters. The FSCS are accepting claims against WCFS but not paying any out claims until they resolve the discussion with the Irish Regulatory board and FCA about WCFS conduct. Earlier this year I did complain to the Irish Regulator about WCFS. Every little push helps and some light at the end of the tunnel to a successful resolution to this mess. My new claim is in.
  3. Hi Simmonds, you might be very interested in this Wellington Court Financial Services Ltd - check if you can claim | FSCS WWW.FSCS.ORG.UK FSCS is now considering customers’ claims against Wellington Court Financial Services Limited. To find out if you're eligible for...
  4. My understanding is that companies will have insurance to meet some claims but there will be a limit. I wonder if it is worth going back to the FOS and update them with what is going on? WCFS are still regulated. What's the point of FOS making these decisions if it is a torturous root to enforce them . You are not the only one who had FOS decisions against WCFS, I wonder if anyone else on the Facebook knows where they got to.
  5. @Simmonds7 Sorry I can't help on the status of Wellington's status in Ireland. You can never get through on the phone. My FOS case has not been assigned a handler, so I'm way behind you. I know at least one other on the Facebook page I told you about, who had the same FOS decision against WCFS as you, is about to get their CCJ served against them. I applaud you on your energy to keep going. If WCFS do fold then the limit is 85k as you know. Did you file a claim with the administrators (BBL) in Germany who are dealing with the GPG fiasco ?
  6. I've read their document and it comes across as they are desperate. I laughed at the bit where they stated they had no relationship with you, yet they happily took their £480 fee (BTW same in my case). Have they forgotten they are regulated and where was their due dilligence? I understood the FOS decision was legal and binding. I have everything crossed for you and the champagne on ice.
  7. My understanding from another victim of WCFS, is that the FOS advised that the decision still stands as WCFS were active in UK at the time. Check with your FOS case handler.
  8. Hi Simmonds, I've been following your latest posts and it makes my blood boil. There are many FOS decisions against WCFS. I have reported them to the FCA and as honeybee states they were struck off from giving pension advice a while ago. Although they still have one active IFA. Please join the [removed - dx] and post, as there are others like you starting to receive the same FOS decisions against Wellington Court. I believe the person at Wellington that signed most of the pensions into the GM SIPP DC80 was Neil Pratt. Have you got the DSAR showing that Wellington were paid fees in relation to your pension transfer ? Hartley Pensions will have this as they took over the GM failed SIPPs.
  9. The FOS decisions against Wellington CFS are mounting up. https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/decision/DRN-3208274.pdf https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/decision/DRN-3207640.pdf
  10. Makes your blood boil. Keep going. I've just been back through all my Guinness Mahon paperwork and on the very first statement it shows Wellington Court Fee. I'm going after them. Did you see Charles Smethurst, the man who ran off with our money is trying to remove his name from German Property Group on companies House and the other GPG creditors group on Facebook have put in objections. Meanwhile the administrators in Germany BBL have written to me. I'm unlikely to get my money back through that route.
  11. Hope it didn't ruin your new year's celebrations. But are they still active in Ireland? Is the fact they have closed the UK a game changer for you serving your CCJ? Does this put you back at the door of the FSCS.
  12. Hi, are you are of this group ? GPG Creditors Association WWW.FACEBOOK.COM Collective area where those of us owed money from German Property Group (GPG), formerly Dolphin Trust, to share... Also to give you some hope, the FSCS paid back my wife's Guinness Mahon SIPP investment she only invested 25k though. .
  13. Yes, I saw. I'm not as far forward with my FOS case, but a colleague of mine's Guinness Mahon SIPP case has just come to the conclusion by FOS, that Wellington (we jokingly refer to them Welly Boots) as accountable. I let him know about this site as I expect he will get to the same point as Simmonds case and at some point me also. My wife also invested in Guinness Mahon, not via Wellington and FSCS paid compensation. Every case is different, it is a matter of waiting. Meanwhile in Germany the administrators are dealing with the whole GPG mess, which is behind the failed SIPP. Just Google Germany Property Group or Charles Smethurst. Jb
  14. I used a friend who was unregulated working for a company called Return On Capital. From what I now know, an unregulated body must use a regulated person to authorise the transfer from my then Scottish Widows pension. I have all the paperwork and nowhere does Wellington CFS appear. However FSCS said they found evidence of signatures. I can see fees taken but it shows Guinness Mahon only. FSCS won't compensate me as Wellington CFS are still trading and I had to first open a dialogue with them. As we know from other posts they don't respond. Jb
  15. In 2015 I invested £45,200 in a SIPP operated by Guinness Mahon, which is linked to Dolphin, later German Property Group. GPG went into administration to Feb 2020. My SIPP was due to mature in April 2020. I first took my claim to FSCS. They rejected my claim, I appealed and still got rejected. Their reason was that Wellington CFS signatures were involved in my pension transfer into the SIPP. This was a surprise to me. I then emailed and called Wellington, several times, eventually receiving an email stating I did not exist in their records. I then opened a case with FOS. My case has not yet been assigned a case handler. From what I learned from others caught up in GPG. Wellington are stating their signatures were used fraudulently. Yet there is evidence of them taking fees. If you want to read more there is a GPG creditors association Facebook site. You will find others on there in the same position. I did write to Wellington CFS and never got a reply. If you call their Ireland number you get an answer machine. Their office in Devon, does pick up but this is just a receptionist, takes a message and alas no one gets back to you. I also heard Wellington CFS is linked to Spain. I think the best outcome is that Wellington go into administration, at this point FSCS will be the last resort.
  16. You can make that 201 complaints. I also came to learn that Wellington CFS had a hand in my Scottish Widows pension transfer to Guinness Mahon. I had some contact with them and an email saying they had no record of me. My case is with FOS. I know of one other whose FOS claim against Wellington CFS has been upheld and FOS have instructed Wellington to pay back the initial investment + interest + costs. I personally think Wellington CFS days are numbered.
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