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  1. BCA did the inspection. For some reason i thought it was going to take ages but it took no more than 10-15 mins. The 2 things which annoyed me slightly are : 1) He didn't ask me to sign anything or even show me anything. He just said i'd get an email confirm that they had taken the vehicle. In that email was actually his report and at the bottom it says "Customer agrees with reported condition but unable to sign due to CV-19". Well thats not true. I wasn't even shown the report so how could i agree with it 2) I had the car valeted yesterday and in the report it says "Vehicle Cleanliness : Dirty". It was immaculate. Other than that it seems to be ok. The inspection report is half a page and doesn't mention anything specific.
  2. I was paying for repairs because i needed to use the car and nobody else was going to pay for them. I've taken plenty of photos. BCA coming to inspect & collect today.
  3. Hi All Just after some advice please. Next week my car is being collected by BCA after i voluntarily terminated the agreement a few days ago (over half way through agreement). The car is just over 8 years old and generally in good condition however there are 2 issues with it : 1) Every now and then it comes up with a service warning and it loses power. It still drives but goes into limp mode until you restart the engine. It's related to the EGR valve. I've had this problem ever since i purchased the car and have literally spent hundreds trying to repair it (including completely replacing the egr valve) but sadly it still occasionally happens. This is one of the main reasons i'm getting rid of it. I do have emails to the dealer i purchased it from where i described this problem. 2) It didn't come with a spare key and in Moneybarn's email to me it states that they will charge me if the spare key is missing. This seems a little unfair if it didn't come with one when i got it. Assuming BCA drive the car back to their warehouse instead of load it onto a truck, it's a possibility that number 1 will happen while they are driving it and they will notice the problem. If this should occur i have no doubt Moneybarn will charge me a fortune. I just want some advice in advance - if moneybarn charge me for either of these issues how should i handle it ? On another note - if they notice scratches on the car during the BCA inspection and i tell them they were there when i purchased the car what then ? Can i be charged for them also? Many Thanks
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