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  1. Hello, I'm just wondering if someone could tell me if I'm right in this situation. We sent a parcel via Hermes and our client asked why it was taking so long, we contacted Hermes who told us that our customer had changed the delivery address which is why it was taking longer. We contacted Hermes a few days later and they told us the customer had cancelled the delivery and they where returning it to us. (The customer didn't even know the tracking number so I'm unsure how they would even change the address or cancel it) We sent the customer a replacement and they received it. Hermes said they were returning the original to us so we felt safe in doing this. A few days later Hermes sent us a claims form saying they cannot locate the parcel and to fill out the form, we filled it out and submitted it. A few weeks later the claim comes back and they refund us the postage but nothing else. We asked them about the claim for the parcel and they told us they had delivered it a few days earlier and told us that as they found the parcel and delivered it to the intended recipient we weren't entitled to compensation as we sent the replacement at our own risk. I told them that they didn't deliver it to the intended recipient as the intended recipient had changed to us since they were returning to sender when they lost it. When I tell them this they just send an automated email stating that clause about if they find it they will deliver to the intended recipient. We have proof and have sent them proof that they were supposed to return to sender as our customers cancelled the delivery. Am I correct in thinking this? All the best, oneL
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