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  1. DX Is there any way to get my old account back, it is still here but I dont have my details for it any more? sea-sidelady
  2. I know, I hesitated for a couple of days before doing it too!! I will make sure its ignored, but I just wanted to be 100% sure before I tell her. Its been a good while since I was site team here, and I am rusty now, but being back and reading around, I forgot how much I loved it here! Thanks DX x
  3. Hi guys, its been a long time, but I missed this place! a good friend of mine a few weeks back asked my advice on a letter they received from Mortimer's regarding an old debt from 2006. An unsecured loan with Santander. She got into terrible difficulties back then and had her house repossessed, divorced and everything was a mess. It took some doing, but we got her back on her feet and sorted the majority of the issues. I never heard of this debt back then. I asked her to get a credit check to look for anything on there. Nothing, No CCJ's, all now clean and very good. We sent the SB letter, but they have come back with one saying there had been a CCJ issued in 2009. She says she was never aware of it, but didn't ever look either. So im guessing there was. And obviously the SB wont stand. The letter says last payment ever received was £100 on 14/10/2008 Everything in me wants to tell her to ignore it, but she is panicking it will make things worse and she should pay, but its almost £9,000! Is it worth requesting a SAR or CCA, or just ignore?
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