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  1. Yes i am going to sue them for defamation and other stuff. Next time before you modify my own post let me know first. Have a good 1!!!
  2. Vehicle is registered under a business trust not under my name and its not a rental.
  3. Hi there, I am looking for advice on how to file a lawsuit against BW Legal for harassment and defamation. The question is should i hit them with lawsuit now or wait until they file a small claim case against me. I have explained them on numerous occasions via emails and letters that i have no clue who was the driver of the car on that date. I am going to sue first the parking company and then BW Legal both. The parking company because they did not even gave me a one reason why they are begging for money. Also i will include their accomplices BW Legal. The lawsuit will be for 5k. I am sick ad tired of this low life companies trying to milk the fellow folks for money. What i am looking for is a some type of general template to issue the claim form part 7. Not much into the English contract law and such. Thank you all for your help on this once again.
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