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  1. The payment by Erudio was taken about 4 years ago. Then they accepted my deferment and stopped payments. They know my address is abroad and have always accepted Italian payslips. I've been defering from abroad for 20 years and they've always sent me the letters here. The last few years I was able to defer online which was much easier and they would always send the mail to inform me deferment was open. This year they didn't send any mail and I didn't receive any letter. Next year is 25 years of the loan and it would be cancelled so I guess they tried to play me.
  2. They replied to my mail asking why I didn't receive a letter or email today- We can confirm that we have issued your deferment application and other notices to make you aware of the status of your account. We would not take responsibility for any postal issues after we have issued these. It would be your responsibility as the account holder to ensure your account is deferred or kept up to date. Unfortunately they have my direct debit and have taken money out in the past when they said they hadn't received documents. Should I block the DD and write to them saying I don't accept cancelling of the account and will be complaining to the FOS? I may return to the UK in the future and don't really want surprises.
  3. I've been following the rules of the contract I signed for 25 years. I don't want to feel I'm in the wrong because they changed the terms of a contract that I didn't even sign with them.
  4. I have 2 loans from 96 and 97 which have been annually deferred. I live in Italy and occasionally the letters from the SLC didn't arrive so I was initially impressed that Erudio knew how to use email. I had been wondering where my email for deferment was but figured due to the pandemic things weren't working. I received a letter I didn't understand in the post and have just had this email exchange with Erudio. Good afternoon I have just received a letter saying I'm behind on my payment of the student loan. I have not received any email to defer payment since Jan 2020. Can you send me the details for defering? Thank you for your help ....... Thank you for your recent email. We can confirm that your last deferment ended on 09/04/2021 and as no further deferment application was made, your monthly contractual payment became due however as these were not made, they accrued as arrears on your account. Due to the level of arrears on your account, your account terminated on 10/08/2021 making you no longer eligible for deferment or age related cancellation. We note you advised you have not received an email for deferment since January 2020 however as per your terms and conditions of the loans, your deferment application form is issued via post. We are no required to issue an email reminder. It would also be your responsibility to ensure your account is deferred or kept up to date. As your account has now terminated, the full balance is now due. We would ask that you please complete the attached Income and Expenditure Form (I&E). This will help us to understand your current circumstances more clearly. Once you’ve filled this in and included a proposal for repayment, please return it to us at your earliest convenience. We will review your I&E to make sure your offer of repayment is affordable and contact you further. ...... Good afternoon Unfortunately I have not received any deferment application form by post either since 2020. Could anyone give me any clue how to proceed?
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