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  1. Thank you Man in the Middle, you seem very knowledgeable I’m assuming you are a solicitor or similar. Your time and efforts are appreciated. Btw My googling only resulted in the Scottish case for reference. you have given me food for thought. im considering replying to the police although it pains me, my reply might consist of a shot letter saying I believe I have fulfilled my s172 requirements and stand fully behind my original reply. I’m aggrieved by the inference of their letters I do not intend to enter into further communication.
  2. Update…. Today I’ve been sent 2 photos and a further request for information under s172 ( again ! ) QUESTION, am I correct in thinking I’ve satisfied my s172 obligations by completing and returning the nip in the first instance ? The photos: apologies, the offending speed is 35 mph on the picture not 34… the pictures are pretty crap to be honest, I can just about tell it’s my Mrs by the long hair ( pictures are dark ) Im not totally thick and see a really weak reason for questioning who the driver is because photos are not conclusive, I can also see argument that they shouldn’t be casting wild aspersions with no evidence… from the pictures I’ve been sent I can only describe their actions as reckless and unfounded ! Obviously I rest on my laurels knowing exactly who was driving so can afford being on the moral high ground to answerable couple of the above comments , it’s looking like the police are dead set on court going by their actions, I’m not really choosing it. If they won’t accept the truth that was given to them what else can I do ? of and if we end up in court I won’t be physically laughing but do believe I could run rings around their actions etc so far. Opinions and views welcomed please
  3. Thanks for the info folks, just to add further information, I’ve emailed police asking for photo, only because it’ll be beneficial to my defence. Also my Mrs isn’t 100% sure but she may have been gardening at the time and had a baseball cap on to keep her hair out of her face then nipped out . I suppose it’s possible they think it’s a young lad. Me and the Mrs are early 50s
  4. Thanks for the info Man in the middle, grates is an understatement I was not and will not go out of my way to help them, besides you never know the Mrs might get off with it
  5. Looking for input and people’s opinions please, just so I get different views… Bare facts…. wife comes home annoyed with herself because she’s convinced she’s been caught by mobile speed camera, few days later nip comes in post in my name ( I’m registered keeper) 34 mph in A 30 limit, from mobile camera in location and day time wife said….. all simple so far although I did consider accepting 6 points and fine rather than grassing Mrs up to police I have no respect or like of, wife insisted ( only because of big fine) I fill form in and return with her details, form returned, fulfilling my section 172 Rta obligation as far as I’m concerned. here’s where things get odd ! a few weeks later police send me second letter saying thanks for response however there appears to be a discrepancy so not able to transfer to nominated driver ( wife). examination of photo evidence suggests driver is not person I named as age and or gender do not correspond with my nomination. if I wish to view photo I can ask for it. letter goes on to make threats and demands under s172 ( although I believe I’ve fulfilled my s172 obligation by completing nip ) In my opinion they obviously think my Mrs is taking points for me or something similar… obviously this isn’t the case, I’ve nothing to be worried about and chose to ignore the threatening letter… I don’t see why I needed to ask for picture so didn’t, besides I’m not going to go out of my way to be overly helpful I’m no fan of police remember… I’m of the opinion that if I see picture I’m privy to information I might have to share , besides my research tells me the photo has no other legal purpose than identifying the vehicle keeper from registration. My attitude is I’ve fulfilled my legal requirements if they don’t believe me that’s not my problem, I’ll laugh at them in court. Go forward around 6 weeks, I’ve had another letter saying that they can’t deal with this anymore and I’ll hear from the courts… quick side note, my Mrs hasn’t been contacted by them… obviously I’m assuming at some point I’m going to get a summons for either failing to supply information (s172 ) THE MORE SERIOUS OFFENCE. OR speeding or you never know the fools might even try perverting the course of justice. so,,, that’s pretty much where I’m at, I’m looking for input please and feel free to tell me if I’m missing anything. Thanks
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