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  1. No I will be doing tomorrow I didn’t want to go in all guns blazing until I had some advice on the matter first
  2. It’s called ebony and ivory in Scunthorpe my husband paid using his card we put a deposit down on the 5th and the rest was paid a few days later, then they told us we couldn’t have the car for another week till they had serviced etc we picked it up on the 13th of august then the problems started that weekend but couldn’t take it back till the Monday and was meant to be sorted .
  3. I’m in need of some advice if anyone can help in August me and my husband bought a car from a local car dealership we paid £4290 for it a week later we had to take the car back as it went into limp mode and the coil light came on, they said they updated the system so should work fine which it did Yesterday when the same thing happened but this time the engine management light has come on and it also says the start stop has a fault s we have looked at our paper work and it says we have 90 days warranty, we have had the car 96 days also on looking at our paperwork my husband hasn’t actually signed any of our paperwork and the date that’s on the paperwork isn’t when we actually picked the car up (the copies we have) does anyone know if we can take the car back to this car dealership to get the problems sorted we have been told by my husbands friend who is a mechanic that it’s going to cost over £1000 to fix which is money we don’t have
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