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  1. Thank you both for your replies. It was a S21 PLUS 128GB with the original price of £949.00. Then I applied the discount from UNIDAYS and on check out page page they reduced another £50 as the total was more than £500 as part of SAMSUNG week promotion. In total I paid £563 with my credit card which was taken out immediately. (Please see the screenshot of order acknowledgment attached.) I never received an official cancellation notification from SAMSUNG, until last night which received an email from the cs team that that it was cancelled due to pricing error. I have also sent an email to UNIDAYS Order screenshot .pdf
  2. Hi there, Very annoyed with the way SAMSUNG operates, and definitely the last time I am purchasing any product from them. I bought a SAMSUNG S21plus on their website taking advantage of SAMSUNG week and UNIDAYS discounts. Even though it was advertised as next day delivery, when checking out it only gave me the option from 12th November onwards. On 12th November evening and after receiving no signs of delivery, I give them a call and they tell me that my order has been cancelled even though they did not send me any communication. One of their resolution managers said that she would call me yesterday at 10 am which she never did and after calling them a couple of times, she just sends me an email saying that there is nothing she can do and the order has been cancelled. I want to know whether if there is anything I can do as it seems that they are falsely advertising and when the customer buys the product then they refuse to deliver it. Just to be clear apart from my order acknowledgment I did not receive any dispatched note. Thanks
  3. Hi there, This happened to me as well. I bought a Samsung S21plus on 1st of November which was supposed to be delivered on 12th of November. I never received any cancellation until last night and it was after I called them asking about my delivery. Is there anything we can do as a group as they have been advertising falsely about SAMSUNG week and now they are refusing to deliver?
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