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  1. 2014 and 2012 respectively. So what are you suggesting? Just to only pay the minimum amount indefinitely?
  2. This is great info thanks so much. I'm totally new to this - I wasn't aware of the enforceability issue. I've already paid off Lowell now. Too late I'm guessing? Allied's stated client is Barclaycard. I'll follow up the enforceability of the Barclaycard debt. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. Barclaycard and capital one. Allied International and Lowell respectively.
  4. Hello, I'm doing some research into paying off the final leg of my debt (partial settlement agreement is £2k). I came across a blog where in the comments someone said they attempted to challenge a debt on the grounds of irresponsible lending. This topic was in relation to someone possibly being able to get their default removed within the 6 years mark. Has anyone ever done successfully won against a credit card company for irresponsible lending before and been successful? And more so, used it for the grounds to remove a default on your record? Also, is it possible to retrospectively claim this if you've already partially settled one of the debts? Also, I'm searching the internet but there doesn't seem to be a cohesive list of grounds of which someone can claim irresponsible lending. Can anyone suggest? Some time ago I had 2 credit cards of which I definitely couldn't afford the increase in credit limits they gave me at the time. (I was in my 20s, on a pretty low salary in London but generally I was just immature and terrible with money). I would like to go down this route potentially if there's a possibility this could help me.
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