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  1. BankFodder thanks for your helpful reply. For clarity, although all neighbours have the right of access, only ours is obstructed. I could remove the fence myself but don’t want be in breach of the law if I did, or if another did on my behalf. CJ
  2. During the Summer of 2019 my local Council erected a steel fence 30cm inside the boundary between my property and the local Primary School. There exists a right of access between the school grounds and all adjacent properties which dates back to when the houses were built in the 1970s. The Council has acknowledged that the fence should not have been put where it is and have agreed to remove it. Despite numerous requests from me they have not carried out the work. Would I be within my rights to advise the Council that if the fence is not removed, say within 14 days that I will have the work done and pass any costs on to them? I live in Scotland and the Council in question is Argyll and Bute. Any advice gratefully received CJ
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