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  1. I rang marstons and explained the situation and all they are saying is you need to speak to him. But when he was here all he said was 'you need to pay, you need to pay' .... I really feel like running my car into a wall right now
  2. DX - I assume that its the second stage fee ? I really have no idea what to do. is it worth ringing them and seeing what they say. Im sure I've tried to deal with the office before but they told me that the EO was dealing with it and I had to ring him, but he's like a broken record and I get no where
  3. the letter he handed me today was judgement and costs£400 interest 32.51 Compliance fee 90.00 Enforcement fee 210.00 total 732.51
  4. it was £1744 that's with Marstons fees on originally. I have been paying since April with no issues, I had to miss one payment a of month ago due to a mess up with my wages, I rang them and they adjusted it, then I became unemployed a couple of weeks ago and was hoping to get back into work pretty quick but haven't. The balance due was £88 so 1 more payment of £50 and the remaining the following week
  5. is this the form I need ? I wasn't sure if it was n245 or n244. also can I do it asap for tomorrow ? if I fill it in and ring them tomorrow ?
  6. I have car that is still under finance not fro much. think there's £500 left. I got enforcement letter from Marstons and entered into the arrangement paid to them, £50 a week which was nearly paid off but then I was unemployed recently with only £88 left to pay. Today he appeared with £720 balance. I haven't had anything from anyone else except Severn Trent originally Ive just looked at the court forms but the fees are apparently £200 and I can't afford that either
  7. hi all I have a debt with Severn Trent water, which I had ignored... ! I then got an enforcement letter and started into a repayment plan which I stuck to up until 2 weeks ago when I became unemployed and there was 2 payments of £50 to pay. Stupidly I didn't clear that off as I was low on money and only using my remainder of cash to buy what I needed and nothing more. Today the EO has appeared and that £88 balance has now jumped to £720. I know I'm an idiot but I have no money to pay this, I do have the £88 but I don't think that will help. He hasn't been in the house at all but says that I need to make payment within 24 hours. Any advice ? can I get a stay using N245? N244 ? ( not sure which one to use ) I have read I can get a stay and ring Marstons to hold off. This might not be feasible as it looks like its £200+ to put the form in ? I can't borrow from anyone and I live with my partner but he won't help and will be furious Should I ring Marstons and see if they will accept the £88 ? I doubt they will. The enforcement officer is blunt and just repeats himself ' you have to pay the balance in full in 24 hrs or we take goods' Any help would be much appreciated. thanks
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