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  1. I have waited 6+ months to write this review as I wanted to wait until after the completion of the legal action I was forced to take against Kerry Motors – which resulted in a County Court Judgement against Kerry Motors/Roy Franks. I bought a Saab 93 Estate (KU08EXX) in March 2021 from Roy at Kerry Motors. Within 3 weeks of owning the car, it had broken down on 3 separate occasions (each time going into Limp Home Mode, with an accompanying dramatic loss in power – once even happening on the A12 at 70mph). Kerry Motors took the car back to be fixed on 2 separate occasions, the second time I believed that an important sensor would be replaced – I subsequently found out that this not replaced at all (I checked with Kerry Motors preferred mechanics and was shown the sensor still in its packaging). After 3 weeks of owning the car (including 1.5 weeks of time being fixed) I asked to return the car, Roy was extremely difficult to get in contact with but when I did manage to see him (I waited at his office for 4 hours) – he flat out refused to take the car back/ refund me, he instead tried to convince me to let him have a 3rd go at fixing it, When I refused and then he became extremely rude and accused me of lying about the problem before throwing me out of his office. I was then forced to take legal action against Kerry Motors. Roy chose to ignore all the letters I sent him and the court summons/court paperwork. This led to the court automatically ruling in my favour and placing a CCJ against Roy Franks/Kerry Motors. Roy then chose to ignore the CCJ, and I was forced to escalate this into a High Court Writ. I was then able to instruct a firm of High Court Sheriffs (bailiffs) who were finally able to get my money back for the car. After a further month of waiting, Roy finally contacted me to arrange pick up of the car. I would not recommend buying a car from Kerry Motors at all.
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