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  1. I would like to use this thread to ask about chances of winning a case where an item has been lost 10 months ago by Hermes. The contents, (bicycle groupset) worth £500, sold through eBay and was never delivered to the intended recipient. Since I have not purchased insurance to cover for a full value, I decided to drop the case by not responding to Hermes when they informed me that they can offer me £20 for lost items plus postage cost. And yes, this amount made it back to my account as far as I can remember. After reading through a few threads on this page I now know how useless their insurance is. In fact, this week another of my parcels has been lost (£200) but this time it was insured and Customer Services still make it difficult by asking for invoices and proof of purchase "in an acceptable format" because screenshots from eBay page seem not up to their standards. I have read up on Citizens Advice page that the Small Claims can be made up to 6 years from purchase so in light of this information I feel I still have the right to do make a claim. Although, the question really is how well will it go, considering I dropped (didn't follow up) the case because I thought it was my fault for not insuring high value contents and Hermes issued me the £20 plus postage.
  2. I'm sorry to tag onto that thread with my own query but I would like to ask about my chances of filing for a small claim 10 months after the parcel worth £500 has been lost by Hermes? Back then my parcel was uninsured and I was convinced I have no right of claiming back the money but recently I found all these threads on this forum which sparked a bit of hope (in fact I am going through claim on another item which has been lost recently and worth £210 and even though it was insured for a full value, Hermes still is reluctant to send me my money back).
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