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  1. So it is day 14, and nothing has come through the post... If it came tomorrow (day 15) Would I be in my rights to cancel it?
  2. Possibly, there was 2 cops with the camera, then about 400yards down the road, was another cop just standing there about 20ft from his car.. they didnt stop me.. but likely because these no safe spot before the roundabout...
  3. Ok. Well the 1k fine wouldn't be great... It said as long as I can be contacted at one of the addresses which I still can as its my mums address... I was coming back from work, and on autopilot doing around 53-56 in the 50 zone.. dunno If i slowed down enough just in time or not... in my previous my offense, i said in a note I will get my address changed on my licence when I get it back, but I delayed it because of Christmas and the risk of it going missing in the post is higher at this time of year....
  4. Its not... I dont know why im getting that message.. when I attempt to do it online.. Also what is the points/ban/fee, for driving 55 in a 50zone? Within 2 months of a previous offense of 3 points, and £100? was 45 in a 30 zone. Will it be the same?
  5. Does the address on the license need to have my address on it, or can it be on another address I dont live at but can be contact at? Also If I am to change it, which form do I need? Online doesn't work for some reason... Change your details Photo not available If you are renewing your licence at age 70 or over, please ignore this page and click the 'Next' button. Your passport photo cannot be used to renew your driving licence, as your UK passport must be valid. If you wish to continue with your online application, without renewing your licence, please click on the 'Next' button below. If you need to contact us for further support or information click here If you wish to renew your licence, then you cannot continue with your online application. For other ways to renew your licence, please use the 'Other ways of renewing your licence' link below and then click on the 'Cancel' button below to end your online application. Other ways of renewing your licence I need an up to date UK passport to change it online?
  6. I phoned them and they said my license is on its way back.... these been a delay in postings, weird how they sent the 7 day reminder one though....
  7. I sent it to the address that I was told to, on the letter. It was signed by "Court" with a hand written signature what looked to be like xps1 or something I sent it to the address that was on the letter, and it was signed by "court" "Regional Fixed penalty office PO Box5992 Southend on Sea Essex SS1 9PX Signature of XPs1 or something 7.41am
  8. I got a letter saying the police have not received my form license that I had to send off for 3 points, I have paid the £100 aswell, I sent the license off and form, on the 12th of November, and it got there on the 15th of November, it was signed by the court and it was photographed, for proof.. The letter states I have an extra 7 days to send it in.. received the letter on the 24th of November... what happens next? I cannot phone the number on the letter until Monday, its a Monday-Friday helpline... The last thing I want is them at my door for arrest, or even banning me from driving...
  9. Hi I got a speeding nip ticket from police, and i need to pay the fine and 3 points.. . my driving license is at an old address, but I still have access to that address.. I need to send of this license, If I am to change it, i dont think it will get back in time then having to send off it within 3 weeks.. (28th November) On dlva site and Ive heard others say that its not an offense, as long as you can be contacted at that address... Anyone in the Uk knows DVLA are very slow atm..... Advice?
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