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  1. Thank you Bank fodder Yes I got compensation from Hermes as they were 2 parcels I sent out, and took insurance out When I organised the delivery. The 2 others that didnt turn up were orders from ebay but the people I ordered from refunded the order price.
  2. Hello I made a purchase from Groupon and they chose Hermes to deliver,they posted on my Hermes app that they would deliver Friday 5th last week , then Friday Hermes posted that "due to unforeseen circumstances" they could not deliver however would deliver next working ....heard nothing till Tuesday when the same thing couldn't deliver again. This is not the first problem with Hermes, I have had numerous missing deliveries etc. I contacted Groupon 2 days ago and let them know I needed the order for Saturday at the latest as I need it to take away on holiday with me,and if it didn't arrive I would need to cancel the order as it would not be needed after saturday 13 th I am still waiting for a reply. I am hoping you can help or advise? A very frustrated person. Kind regards
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