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  1. Good Morning all, I still haven't decide what my course of action is going to be my head is a shed and making a decision is more than i can handle atm Once i do i will let you know. Once again thanks for your invaluable help. Aaliyah11
  2. Guys, Thank you again. I will sleep over it and decide what to do. I still cannot believe that they can do that to people for nothing! its disgraceful. Aaliyah11
  3. Guys, Thank you all for your help and advise. Paying those ''scammers'' was something I wanted to avoid to be honest but i guess I am left with no option. Anyway, it is what it is. Yes it is definitely a lesson learnt. Thank you again. Aaliyah11
  4. DX100UK, I see...fair point. I have just spoken to Tesco complaint department and they said there isnt anything they can do as its not them who issue the ''ticket'' and i need to dispute with HX directly and not Tesco. Aaliyah11
  5. DX100UK, Thank yo for your reply. I am struggling to understand this part of your msg: SO all in all it seems I need to pay the CCJ anyway:( Aaliyah11
  6. DX100UK/FTM Dave, (Apology, was keen to scan ASAP and forgot about the scanning guidance - see attached now). I have just gotten a letter through the post from Gladstone Solicitors. Please see attached. Aaliyah11 Gladstone Solicitors Nov 21.pdf
  7. DX100UK, I parked there as as i needed one item from Tesco but the queue was longer than expected so took more than 10mins (they dont have to know that). I do realize that shouldn't have parked there but that's not the point here:( And no, I didnt speak to Tesco. Aaliyah11
  8. DX100UK, Thank you for your comments. To be honest I am not fully following with you jargon Here are two photos (the green signs is a big sign located as you drive into the car park area and the other is by the 10mins bay; there are also mini versions of the green signs on the actual elevation of the building adjacent to the loading bay but not readable unless you stand literally by the wall! - i only took a photo of the mini ones not the main entrance one..). If you need more photos please let me know. Aaliyah11 Photos tesco.pdf
  9. DX 100UK. I know ! but then if it isn't why am i being penalized for something that doesn't technically exist! Aaliyah11
  10. FTMDave and DX100UK, Apology for a delay but it took my a while to scan it . Hope I did it correctly. I scanned all the letters I have received to date and its is merged in chronological order (note that the letter dated 1st November crossed with the defence I sent to them. Also all DPR legal letter has the same revere page as the first one). Please let me know what my next step should be or if you need anything else. Much appreciated, Aaliyah11 extra by DX- POC: 1.The driver of the vehicle with registration xxxxxxx (the 'Vehicle') parked in breach of the terms parking stipulated on the signage (the 'Contract') at Willowbrook Centre Savages Wood Road Bradley Stoke 8532 88S, on 2610212021 thus incurring the parking charge (the 'PCN'). 2.The PCN was not paid within 28 days of issue. 3.The Claimant claims the unpaid PCN from the Defendant as the driver/keeper of the Vehicle. 4.Despite demands being made, the Defendant has failed to settle their outstanding liability. 5.THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS ". £100 for the PCN, £60.00 contractual costs pursuant to the Contract and PCN terms and conditions, together with statutory interest of £6.60 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8.00% per annum, continuing at £0.04 per day. out of time defence filed by mail in pack for ref: The Defendant denies each and every allegation set out in the particulars of claim. in respect of the POC the defendant denies the allegations as follows: - that the defendant was in breach of 10 minutes parking limit. the photographic evidence provided by HX car park management ltd dated 2 march 2021 does not proof that the stipulated time limit was indeed in force. there was no signage with time restrictions of 10 minutes neither is HX Management correspondence proofing that. - that the defendant was parked at the stipulated address the photographic evidence provided by HX car park management does not show or proof that the defendant has indeed parked at the stipulated address. - as per the above the defendant denies all the allegations and as such refuses to pay any monies which is claimed from her as a result of the stipulated allegations. docs1.pdf
  11. FTM Dave and DX100UK, But I dont want them to make money of me as i didn't do anything wrong! If i pay the set aside can i take HX to court and defend myself there and then? They dont really have a legitimate proof of me being at fault. What are the chances of me winning and making XH pay my costs? Aaliyah11
  12. DX 100UK, The date on the 'Judgement for Claimant' letter is 1 November 2021. Does it mean that there is no help for me here? Aaliyah11
  13. Hey FTMDave, But that is what i am telling there isn't anything to tell me exactly how much and by when. Unless i am missing something. There is a letter called 'Judgement for Claimant (in default)' dated 1 November (which crossed in mail with their response to my defence) which only says how much I owe and that it needs to be paid to the claimant but it doesn't give me any other info (i.e. what is the deadline or how to pay). I will be scanning all docs tonight. Aaliyah11
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