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  1. I got a letter today saying the below Our client liverpool fc and athletic grounds Ltd We write further to our previous correspondence including but not limited to our letter dated 29th Sept 2021 and the definitions therein Its already been made very clear that our client requires you to provide a response to our letter.despite this the deadline to provide a signed agreement and comply with the terms therein has once again passed and we have not received a response from you. Our client is understandably becoming very frustrated with the lack of response from you particularly as it has-been made abundantly clear you are infringing its intellectual property rights by the war of trademark infringement and passing off. If we do not hear from you by 3 Dec 2021 with your written agreement on the forms enclosed (which has been amended further to reflect our clients growing legal costs)and compliance to the terms there withing we will have no option but to advise our client to escalate matters further against you in the form of legal proceedings. Please see the attached draft claim form in this regard.
  2. Hi,there was a copy of the various liverpool club badges from over the years that are copywrited to them and about 5 pages of items etc it covers. They sent another letter Monday but I wasn't into sign for it,so it's been took back to the sorting office awaiting collection.
  3. Hi thanks, like I say read many thread on here saying ignore so have been doing. Just never read any posts sayings after x amount of letters and months they finally gave in trying.
  4. I've read a lot on here about to ignore this company's letters so have been doing. I bought 3 retro liverpool football tops on a car boot sale and sold them on ebay hoping to make a profit as they was only £15 each. This company purchased one and tested it and its counterfeit and trademark infringement they say, they sent me a letter saying they are acting on behalf of Liverpool fc and wanting me to sign documents and provide info on where I imported the tops from, a copy of all text and email correspondence with my supplier, what ports they were being delivered to etc , as though I was running a major counterfeit import business(I wasn't) They provided a print off of my 3 ebay listings of these shirts and pictures of the purchased top. And are demanding £1200, all my profits and that I send them any other stock I hold to destroy. I've ignored them upto now but they just sent a hand delivered letter demanding I respond within 7 days to stop the case escalating, should I continue to ignore? Thanks in advance
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