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  1. Happy New Year. Dpd ignored my Letter of Claim so this is what I have drafted on the Civil Online Scottish Courts portal. Should I include the reasons that courier companies are liable (ie the helpful list in the forum) in my claim, or do I wait for the court hearing to rebutt their defence? My answers to the questions are below. Thank you .
  2. Thank you. Here's what I drafted: --- Dear Parcel2go.com Limited t/a DPD Local, RE: Notice of Claim for DPD******** On 28 September 2021 I booked DPD Local, via your online portal, to send tablecloths and napkins from *** to a wedding in Lincoln, Lincolnshire as part of an event rental service. These items were specially commissioned bespoke tablecloths and napkins, made from couture fabric, with a declared value of in excess of £1,000. Though collected by DPD Local on 30 September 2021, they were lost or stolen while in your care and did not arrive at the destination. You have already searched for the items and acknowledge in writing that they were lost or stolen in your care. I therefore write for the full reimbursement of the declared value: £1,000. You may send a cheque, addressed to******, to the address above or reimburse via direct deposit using the account details below. Sort code: **** Account number: **** I look forward to your response within 14 days of this letter so that we can resolve this matter amicably. Yours sincerely, ******
  3. Good morning, I've now read all the forum posts on couriers, Hermes and DPD. I could only see one case that was based in Scotland. From reading that case, where they did not send a Letter of Claim, is it the correct procedure that I simply need to file a Simple Procedure Claim (cost £101 due to the claim being £1,000)? I have signed up via CivilOnline. I would be grateful if anyone could please confirm that what I am writing is correct: **WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND TO YOUR CLAIM** I booked the courier DPD Local online directly via their website on 28 September 2021. The items that have been lost or stolen by DPD were collected on 30 September 2021 but did not arrive at their destination. **WHAT ARE THE DETAILS OF THE CLAIM?** On 28 September 2021 I booked DPD Local to send tablecloths and napkins from **** to a wedding in *****. The items were specially commissioned bespoke tablecloths and napkins made from couture fabric and valued at in excess of £1,000. Though collected by DPD Local on 30 September 2021 the items were lost or stolen by DPD and never arrived. DPD have acknowledged in writing that the items were lost/stolen while under their care. I bring this claim for damages as under Scottish Common Law, under the principle law of delict, a trader has a duty of care to members of the public and their property Efforts to resolve this with Parcel2go.com t/a DPD have failed as have attempts to liaise with DPD Local through an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme (they ignored my request). I have been left with no option other than to pursue them in court for the value of the stolen/lost items (monies owed), damages, interest and court fees. The DPD reference number is **** **If your claim is successful, what do you want from the respondent(s)?. You should provide a breakdown to explain the sum of money you are claiming. You should also set out the date from which you would like the court to order interest to run from and the rate of interest you would like the court to order.** I want the court to order the respondent(s) to pay me the sum of £_1000___.00__ which is the value of the items lost or stolen. This sum includes the purchase price overseas, import taxes and duties, the cost for purchasing materials in the UK and the cost a seamstress charged to make the items. I want the court to order the respondent(s) to pay me interest on that sum at the rate of _8__% annually from the last date for service. **If your claim is successful, would you like the court to order the respondent(s) to pay you a sum of money for the expenses of the claim?** Yes **You should set out briefly the reasons why your claim should be successful, and the court should make the orders which you have asked for, for example: “The respondent breached a contract with me by not completing work satisfactorily” “The respondent caused damage or financial loss to me by breaking something belonging to me” “The respondent has kept something belonging to me without the right to do.”** The respondent breached contract and has a duty of care under the law of delict. Do I go on to say: the respondent claims their limit of liability is £50. However, this is not the case, and list the reasons in the forum.. . **What steps have you taken, if any, to try to settle the dispute with the respondent(s)?** I asked the respondent if they would consider Alternative Dispute Resolution and they replied that their liability is limited to £50 and if I am dissatisfied with their response, it is my prerogative to file claim in court. **Do you have any documents?** Receipts **Do you have any other evidence?** No
  4. Thank you. As there doesn't seem to be an address in their website, is the Companies House address the correct place to send the letter of claim? https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/01421773
  5. I have sent three emails to DPD. In the first they responded to say their liability was £50 and that was that. I responded, indicated their response was unsatisfactory, informed them that I would like to move to ADR and requested their mailing address to send further documents. They ignored me and I sent the same email again - still no response. What should I do? Thank you.
  6. You are right and I know i'm a wimp about it. But again, he's a bully and brute. No property in England any more. We had moved by the time we contracted with him so it is all in Scotland.
  7. He's a brute and thug, so I'd be wary of putting the name of his firm or that of his cronies online, until we win and then I'd plaster it everywhere. He's disappeared/gone bankrupt/dissolved his company 4 times that I can see. Apparently an open secret in the community but we've just moved and didn't know. We're in Scotland (just moved from England). Not sure if this makes a difference?
  8. Thank you very much. After a well spent evening reading this forum (so pleased I stumbled upon it), is it correct that I: - Send a complaint to DPD local outlining the fact that I have received their acknowledgment that the items have been lost, but will be pursuing them for the full declared value because their additional insurance contact terms are unfair and unenforceable even under the 1977 Act, involved my having to pay extra to cover their negligence which is ridiculous. - Give them 10 days to reply (I'm aware there are additional arguments:, eg all other couriers use the terms so I had no choice - but I shall save this for mediation.) Make a SAR request, so I know what information they have Prepare a claim form Wait for their response, go to mediation and possibly to court -- I'm off on holiday tomorrow but shall draft and send from the airport. Does it make a difference that I'm in Scotland? Again, thank you very much
  9. We purchased an old country home that needed significant work. Part of this work involved demolishing a number of semi-derelict outbuildings including what was the chapel, the old mill and stables. The wall of one of these outbuildings - the mill - was attached to the main house. We paid a heavy machinery firm around £9,000 to demolish these outbuildings. As part of their service, they specified on their quote/ invoice that they would subcontract the cutting of the mill wall to another firm of builders (the firm we contracted would then use their bulldozers to demolish the wall when cut). We learnt after the fact that the "builders" were cowboys, friends of theirs and had never done anything like this in their lives. We were not at the property when the wall was cut but understand, from the frantic phone calls the cowboys made to us after the fact, that they cut the mill wall in the wrong place and damaged the main house. A huge structural crack appeared, we had to employ a structural engineer and carry out urgent remedial work to the tune of £4k. We sent a letter of demand to the demolition firm we paid, and their defence is two-fold: 1) nothing to do with them because they didn't do the cutting 2) we should have known the risks. He ended his letter with SEE YOU IN COURT (yes, capitalised!). My position is 1) they chose and employed the subcontractor 2) we had no contract with the subcontractor and did not even know how much they had been paid 3); subcontractor and main company should have used reasonable skill 4) by undertaking the work they accepted responsibility that it would be done properly. Do I have a case in law? From looking at Companies House and Google, the director of the firm we contacted with has a history of making himself bankrupt when sued. However, his limited company is turning over a tidy sum ( £500k/yr) and I imagine he has insurance. The firm of cowboys, in contrast, seem to have very little in the way of assets. I would be representing myself in court. Thanks so much
  10. Hello, I'm new to this forum but thanks in advance to those helpful ppl behind the scenes - it looks like an incredible resource. I'm at the beginning of what might be a drawn out fight with DPD local+ want to ensure I'm doing everything correctly. I have a wedding linen rental firm where we hire out high end wedding linens (tablecloths, napkins) to couples for 3 days (day before, day of, day after). On this occasion we sent a package of 20 extra large couture satin tablecloths and 150 napkins to a client three days before their wedding. Value in excess of £1,000 which I declared and can document (had to import the material from overseas, receipts from seamstress who made the tablecloths etc). Long story short, DPD lost the package (I suspect stole). It was particularly catastrophic for the business because we got an awful review (death knell in wedding industry), clients had to scurry around the day before their wedding hiring inferior tablecloths from another company, we'd paid to import and have these custom tablecloths made AND, of course, had to return 100% of what the clients paid. Nightmare. Wedding was at the end of September and today (8 November) DPD have emailed to confirm the parcel is lost and tell me that I can now claim up to the £50 I opted for when I paid for the postage (ha!). I know I'm unlikely to be able to claim the entire losses the business has suffered, but I would like at least the value of the tablecloths. I took photos of the contents of the package and the package itself before sending (usual practise to confirm to clients what's been sent) Do I upload the evidence they have requested for the £50 claim at this stage, or write to complain and do the small claims route? Any chance I would be successful claiming the wider costs / reputational harm to my business? Thanks in advance
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