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  1. Hi So 5 weeks ago i decided i wanted an iPad pro 12.9 and paid an early upgrade fee of £591 as my previous device had broken. I paid the £591 device fee and was told this tablet was in stock day later i received an email to say it wasn't in stock and id have to wait i went onto sales chat and told them id like to swap the device to an ipad pro 11 inch. I was told to wait 24 hours and i could upgrade again as the system will need to update this wasn't the case and i was told to pay the £591 again. I thought o2 had refunded this amount turns out they didn't I chased and chased over the phone for weeks was told a form would need to be filled out and sent and it takes 48 hours and nothing happened. When looking at my account the upgrade fee had dropped to £561 and my employer paid this into my wage as i needed it for work. So now in total o2 has had £1152 for a £591 upgrade and now refusing to refund me the £591 i originally paid. See a response to their email this morning this has come directly from the CEO office Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying but I’ve been on leave over the Christmas period.
  2. Reassuring thanks I’ll post up when I hear back from them if I do
  3. Chris Hayes CEO team https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrishayesuk?originalSubdomain=uk Danielle Suggitt Executive Team https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellesuggitt27?originalSubdomain=uk
  4. Letter of claim was sent by Royal Mail but not heard anything back from them yet this is a response to a CEO email i sent stating that i have not received my compensation and now pack link are ignoring all communciaton
  5. Yes sent it but not heard anything back from them in regards to this
  6. These were the replies i got from them seems they trying to leave it al up to pack link who hasn’t responded to any of my emails in over 7 days Dear Christopher, Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry regarding parcel xxxxxx As advised on the 13/09/2021 at 13:29 to make a claim for the parcel you will need to contact Packlink directly. While your parcel was sent using the Hermes network, Packlink are regarded as the carrier in this situation as they provided you with the shipping label. This means that any claims for parcels which have become lost, damaged or delivered late will need to go directly to them so they can discuss the appropriate next steps with you. Your contract to deliver goods is with Packlink, Packlink then have a contract with us directly so this will need to follow the same chain when making a claim. If you need anything in the future, please contact your Hermes Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help. Kind regards, Hermes CEO Complaints Department Hermes 1 Capitol Close Morley Leeds LS27 0WH Second Email Hi Christopher Thank you for contacting our CEO, Martijn De Lange. My name is Danielle and Martijn has personally asked me to investigate this matter on his behalf. We’re 100% dedicated to ensuring every parcel arrives safely, but unfortunately on this occasion we have not met the standard of delivery we expect. I am very sorry that you have experienced a problem with this delivery and understand how frustrating this must be. Having looked through the communication we have had around this parcel xxxxxxx i can see that we have in fact been in touch with Pack link ourselves in accordance with our process and advised them to pay out for the damaged item. At this point we are unable to assist you any further with this claim and once again advised you contact Packlink. I appreciate that this has been going on for some time and may not be the outcome you are hoping for but I can only advise you contact Packlink again regarding your claim. I'm pleased to have helped you reach the right place today and your Hermes Customer Service team is here if you need anything in the future Kind Regards Hermes Executive Office Hermes 1 Capitol Close Morley Leeds LS27 OWH
  7. Emailed them last night not had no response off them as yet
  8. Ok so I’ve read some stuff on here where would I start any guidance would be great thanks I emailed pack link and for the last 3 days been ignored
  9. Hermes wont have anything to do with it as they say my contact is with pack link Thanks
  10. Hi Another issue to deal with in late September i sold a gaming pc on eBay £950 it sold for it was delivered by Hermes damaged and used pack link to book the collection and delivery. I used all the photos my buyer sent to me and issued them to pack link first few weeks slow and painful process they tried to wriggle out of paying out even though i paid for insurance on my delivery, at this point i lost all patience with them. Few more weeks passed and kept getting the usual crap tell your buyer to keep all original packaging etc which i did, the buyer sent back my PC in its original packaging, i sent these to pack link another 2 weeks passes then i got an email saying dossier complete and the details of payout 30 days from today which was 13th October. Checked my bank daily and still no £950. I have emailed them every days for the last 7 days asking about where my money is and now all emails have been ignored. I am slowly losing my patience with these people i hear they are based in Spain and also hear they are partly owned by eBay
  11. Thanks for your help and time some good information will work on this tonight and sent it tomorrow will update once I get the information or if any problems arise with them
  12. Hi thanks for the info the person from Castleton agreed the beds were faulty but unfortunately I have no evidence of this quick question what is SAR I tried to click the text on your reply but said something went wrong I’ll get right on this tonight and get the letters sent tomorrow I do have photos of the faulty part and the damaged bed thanks
  13. OK will do that sorry for the lack of information thanks very much I'll write a letter up tonight and send it off
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