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  1. Hello, I am looking for advice regarding a Parking Charge Notice from a car park in Scotland. The letter was issued by Group Nexus. I was not the driver but I am the registered keeper. The date the vehicle was in the car park was 17/07/21. The first letter was dated on 26/07/21 although it took about 2 weeks after this to arrive. Two more letters arrived, dated 12/08/21 and 01/09/21. After this I received two debt collector letters from Debt Recovery Plus saying this will recommend 'our client that they take court action against you.' The second letter started with the title, 'Notice of intended Court Action' however again later in the letter says we will recommend our client takes legal action. I wanted to check should I respond at this point, is this a letter before action or am I right that this needs to come from the original company not the debt collector? I also wondered whether anyone had an update on the keeper liability law in Scotland, I am aware this was going to be added into a bill? Thanks
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