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  1. Yes you are right like the test for COVID-19 patented in 2015 by Rothschild. System and Method for Testing for COVID-19 - Patent US-2020279585-A1 - PubChem PUBCHEM.NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV US-2020279585-A1 chemical patent summary.
  2. Apologies but what I said about anti-laundering, City and COnVID is off-topic, I wasn't raising this with the council.
  3. I have changed the lock some time ago My understanding is that she wants to abruptly terminate the agreement with the agency before the agent can reach out to me. But I still don't get it. Can she employ two agencies for two different things at the same property at the same time? Should I tell the agent? I reckon he already noticed the property listed on Rightmove by a different agency.
  4. No, it wasn't me transferring the money but business to business, US corporation to small UK business but not some one man limited company. Do you think it was held for that long because of money laundering? IMHO anti-money laundering is just to prevent small fishes from doing what the sharks in the City and Canary Wharf are doing. This is the great way of eliminating the competition under the pretence of taking care of people like with COnVID lockdowns and travel restrictions and this is a conspiratorial practice. In the last 20 years 20 000 small banks disappeared from EU banking ecosystem because of the growing regulations (to protect us from the invisible enemy I reckon from terrorists, Russian and NK spies). Do you think this is good for the economy? Exactly a year before COnVID in March 2019 I can see the 1st troubling signs of it when I look at the price of gold. Thank you for your assistance so far.
  5. So this last reminder was basically meaningless. Yes, the bank held an international US->UK money transfer in USD for 2 months. When this started the cryptos also started to take off I reckon the bank held it to gamble and make about $200k on it especially when they have a good intel on the future trends. I would do the same. Wondering how much capital gain tax (or whatever tax) are they going to pay.
  6. I know but why do they need the details of my employer? Are they going to help my employer to get the money from the bank who keeps it on hold for two months? This looks like the start of bank bail-in to me. I am not comfortable giving them this information, they just create my files for the bailiffs. In other cases they ask for bank statements to prove hardship. Isn't paying them + £110 penalty enough? Do you mean to go for Breathing Space? But I don't see council tax being on the list just credit cards, mortgage, rent and utility bills.
  7. They sent reminders before they issued a final notice. But I always paid within the specified time of the reminder including the last time when the email said I have to pay by EOD (which I did) but they issued a final notice two days later anyway because I was late (I think they mean late in general) for the 3rd time.
  8. Hi All, My landlord wants to sell the property. I am renting this flat for almost 6 years. The agency handles only the contract, money and spare keys bits, all repairs are with the landlord. I am on a rolling periodic tenancy after the term of the 12 month contract has ended in 2020. I am fine with that. The landlady asks me to get the spare keys from the agency under the pretence I have some guests who need keys but the reason to get the keys is only for her to terminate the contract with the current agency. I don't know how does work really and I don't know what is the exact arrangement with that agency - does she want to avoid some exit fee or something? What happens with my contract if she terminates with them? In the meantime she offered me to buy the place but the offer was not better from the offer on the market so I kindly rejected. Besides I tried and she didn't want to go down even 5k and asked me to ask my employer for a 5k rise. 2020 and 2021 are really good years for the economy so all bosses should give pay rises and bonuses! She wants cash quick and I think she wants to sell this property after the COnVID property price peak (the properties in this area in the last 12 months lost between 10-25k) I think she noticed that. Her story was that she wanted to remortgage but as an expat she could not get a good deal so decided to sell. RICS surveyor was here in September. Before she offered me to buy the place she already found another agent nearby to handle the sale of the place. He already came down, took pictures and the listing is on the Internet. By the way she asked me if there is anything in my tenancy contract about agency claiming any rights to me as tenant becoming a buyer. I haven't found any clauses in my tenancy agreement about that. It's a bit weird arrangement now because my contract is with one agency and the sale is with another and she wants to terminate her arrangement with the agency handling my tenancy. What are my benefits of taking part in her "spare keys" conspiracy? What would you do in my case? I have a good relationship with this landlord but it has been found she is instrumental to people and I think I should set a limit. I think she basically wants me to give the keys to the new agent. Best regards P.S. Since she brought up the topic of giving me a 1 month notice because of the sale I asked about the deposit. It turns out she didn't register the deposit with the scheme (to save money) so she cannot even serve me S21. I think she is not up to speed with the changes in law due to COnVID. Currently she has to give like 2 months notice.
  9. Hi All, Some time ago I have received this in the post from HM Courts & Tribunal Service. The story goes I was late with the council tax and they sent me an email reminder to pay today or the payment plan will end and I will have to pay the whole bill. And I did pay it by the end of the day. But 2 days later they issued a "FINAL NOTICE" letter anyway. After that they didn't sent any more letters and I continued paying the tax but after 2 months they applied for a Liability Order. Since the sale of the property by the landlord can take longer I am not moving yet. Before the hearing I have called up the council to ask for an arrangement that they previously suggested and they agreed to spit my payments with £110 on top of that. I have not been paid for 2 months in a row that was my justification. Today I got a letter confirming the arrangement but they also ask for a bunch of information using "COUNCIL TAX REQUEST FOR INFORMATION NOTICE Regulation 36 of Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 613" bla bla bla punishable BY A FINE OF UP TO £1000" I don't feel I want to supply these private information to them (Employer, NIN. I can only send bank statements to show I have not been paid for 2 months and that my balance is near ZERO. They don't ask for any statements. It looks like they just build my files for their bailiffs to use in the future e.g. to chase my employer instead. If I don't supply this information it says they cancel the arrangement. Please advise.
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