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  1. I was parking there for work on days there was no other parking was available, on some of thr days i had purchased tickets from the machine but still was issued a ticket on my windscreen.
  2. hello thank you for replying, i am trying to upload the photos but saying to big, will have to wait till my husband comes home. there is 20 tickets in total and they have charge £160 each, the bottom of the letter states £25 court fee, solicitor costs £50 so in total £3115.00. i have not appealed anything. im stressing so much, i know i should have dealt with this sooner rather than bury my head in the sand. thank you again
  3. hello, im wondering if you can help me, i had a few parking tickets and have ignored them it was a premier inn parking space i used for work, i have now received a letter from Gladstone's, letter before claim for £3,040. im not sure what to do? can i have some advice please. thank you
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