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  1. Thanks a lot for you input. So far I have called Peterlee who referred me to enforcement and told them there is no one with that name living at the address. They requested a council tax bill as proof and were satisfied with what I sent them. They have removed the address from their database. Hope thats resolved the issue.
  2. As I said earlier I did ignore the letters due to them not being addressed correctly It is possible that I was asked to attend but didnt see the relevant letter. I will call the court to find out
  3. Thanks I have not retained the correspondence so far. I will not have a record what I was served with and when. I have not been asked to attend a hearing as far as know. Peterlee magistrates is over 2 hours away from where I live. How would you suggest I go from here?
  4. Thank you for your response The reason I suspect it is for a motoring offence is that in the beginning I was receiving letters regarding a motoring offence. I didnt really consider them due to the name discrepancy. I do believe they have recently changed collection agencies. The newest letter received is from CDER group. The previous ones were from a different agency. I cant remeber wich one it was though. Possibly marston. How would I know if it has been renewed ? And what would I do in such a case?
  5. I have been receiving letters with notice of enforcement from various enforcement agents for the past 2.5 years. They are enforcing a payment of £811.00 on behalf of hm courts and tribunals for a warrant of control. The hearing court is peterlee magistrates court. My name on the letters is wrong. The first name is completely different. The family name has a letter wrong. I am not aware of having committed any offence. Should I continue ignoring or respond in any way?
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