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  1. I’ve now sent in a registered letter saying He has 7 days to fix faults on car or I will be wanting. A refund of what I paid for car a
  2. Hi went back to dealer about the water coming in car the carpet is soaking wet and puddles every where so went back to him last Thursday he said to bring car over this week So took it over Monday 1st November left it with his mechanic who said he would look at it and get it fixed, Since then I’ve not heard a word from dealer so I called and got no answer waited an hour called back he answered this time I asked how he was getting on with car and it’s not been looked at yet he says it’s a very minor thing asked him how he knows this when he’s not even looked at it I’m afraid I lot the head told him that’s it I’m going to trading standards He now says car will be sorted for tomorrow I’ve said I’m taking it back even if it’s not fixed this guy has messed me about for weeks and I’ve had enough My question is if car is not fixed can I then exercise my rights to a refund any help would be appreciated the dealer name is SM Motors Rutherglen Glasgow
  3. it failed on horn in 2018 after that next mot 2021 so it must just have been sorted for latest mot
  4. hi I’ve checked the mileage history car passed mot march 21 65404 mls on my receipt 73000 that’s 7000 in 6months is that a lot
  5. Hi bought second hand car 28/8/21 paid cash £1395 CitreonC1. The first thing I found wrong right away was passenger door only opens and locks from inside , I was willing to put up with this as far as cars go it wasn’t the dearest , but beginning of October I found the boot soaking wet, took carpet out and a week later was still wet I went back to him and he was very fast to to say the warranty didn’t cover leaks, I also discovered passenger carpet is full of mould . I told him I have asthma and this wasn’t good for my health, he just hummed and hawed. I then said I could maybe find a bit more money to get a wee bit better car, ie without mould and water leaks so far he has come up with nothing Then other day Monday I was at the shops and coming home someone went to step off kerb, didn’t see me I pushed on the horn and nothing happened, I had to swerve. I got such I fright I stopped the car right away and called him. I was really angry, took car back next day. he fixed horn, said fuse had gone again. asked about other car still nothing. he then said to take car in next week and his mechanic will look at it regarding leak. my question is, if leak is not fixed can I then ask for my money back or do I have grounds to do this now Any help would be so grateful for any advice
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