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  1. Hi, Just after a second opinion hoping anyone here can help with. I was involved in a no fault incident where another driver sped by and hit my driver side wing mirror while i was parked and completely broke it off. The driver did not stop and just continued to speed off. I managed to get the other cars reg just in time. I made a claim to my insurance (Admiral) and they told me the other driver is also with them. This was 2 weeks ago and they have been trying to get hold of the other driver to establish liability but they have not been responding. Admiral told me i can use the excess on my policy to pay to repair my car and also for legal expenses and then claim it back once they have reached a conclusion as to liability - or alternatively they can return my car to my home un-repaired again until liability is established. I asked them how long this could take and they didn't give me any timescale. Looking at the terms from Admiral Law they said this case can take up to a maximum of 18 months till i can get my money back. I'm not too happy about this prospect and i've lost hope that the other party will ever respond or admit liability. I'm starting to feel i'm not getting the service i paid for from Admiral. I'd rather not have to pay anything and wait for over a year to get my money back. I reported this to the police who haven't been too helpful either. I guess my question is is this standard procedure for every insurance company? Am i just going to have to accept it and pay for repair and go through the enormous headache of making a legal case on the 3rd party or should Admiral really be stepping in to cover all this which is what i paid them for?
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