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  1. Thanks for answering my post - much appreciated


    dx -  I have sent a SAR to Moneybarn.  

    The letter I got was from DWF Law LLP stating they represent Moneybarn.


    The agreement is 60 months. First payment was made in June 2020. To date I have made 12 payments between June 2020 to Oct 2021. (Sorry I am dyslexic and my maths isn't good enough to calculate 1/3☹️


    Noted - I will not communicate with Moneybarn / dwf verbally. 


    Apart from the SAR, shouldn't I be applying for a Time Order?





    @Kyosanto Hello 


    Yes - Not planning on speaking to them ever again!!

    From now on, everything will be in writing as you and dx have advised.

    I have indeed sent a SAR to Moneybarn.


    I terms of the car - I jumped in with 2 legs and and at the time I was able to afford the car. I would like to keep it, continue on making payments and clear arrears. 


    Thanks for your assistance. 

  2. Hello there


    Needing urgent assistance in how to deal with Moneybarn please. I think I need to apply for a Time Order (having read up on some of the threads here) but not sure so need some guidance please.


    In short – took out car finance with Moneybarn 18 months ago. It is a conditional sale agreement and covered by The Consumer Credit Act 1974


    Fell behind with payments earlier this year and Moneybarn threatened to repossess the car.


    I spoke to them and agreed I would make regular payments and any extra I could manage. (No exact amount of the overpayments to be made was discussed) In the meantime, they would get their Legal dept to contact me re a consent order.  They suggested if I made regular payments, I would get to keep the car.


    We went through my expenditure; I sent copies of my payslips and completed a direct debit mandate. They did not action the direct debit on their end, so instead, I made manual overpayments. And have done so for many months now.


    Then I received a Default Notice and later a Notice of Sums in Arrears. But as I was expecting contact from their Legal Dept re the Consent Order and that fact I was making overpayments as agreed, I assumed I was doing the right thing.


    I have now received contact from Moneybarn’ s lawyers demanding I pay the full outstanding balance. I want to keep the car but cannot pay the full amount they are now demanding.


    Moneybarn' s lawyers state I either have to make a payment of over £20,000 or surrender the car. But also mention if I have spoken to Moneybarn re a repayment plan, court action will still be started against me / a consent order or suspended return of goods order can be arranged in Court etc.


    Would appreciate any advice as to what I should now do.





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