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  1. My contract states no probationary period, notice of "one month on either side". My contract is a two-page document one would normally see a contractor sign (that's how I have typically worked for years, before IR35 was made so difficult), It states "Your employment shall commence on XXXXXXX", Notice "one month on either side" Pay ......... Then they usual, hours, pay day, place of work. There's no trial/probationary period, this was negotiated away be the former HR Director who left a few weeks ago,. To be honest, a guaranteed good reference and paid the month would be the outcome I want. Any help would be gratefully received.
  2. Thank you for such a fast reply hun. My letter only "confirms your employment ends", I can only assume it is Gross misconduct. That was what he inferred to me verbally. The staff book says there is the right to an appeal and that I was supposed to have had notice of the meeting, had the opportunity of notice before I was supposed to had a hearing. I ask with respect to the notice as Christmas is coming and it does say " Your notice period is one month".
  3. Hi all, I was dismissed from my employment at 4 pm today after a 5 minutes Zoom meeting with the boss. I have been working with my employer since the 2nd week of August. I signed a "Terms and Conditions of Employment" document that states my notice must be 1 month. I got called to a Zoom meeting at five minutes to 4 pm. When I logged in, my boss and man from HR, was there. My boss said they were not happy with my Facebook account and that I was being dismissed. I protested that I didn't really post on Facebook, as I'm a 62-year-old woman, going on it is not big in my life. I put happy birthdays and like photos of my grandsons my daughters put on there, but that is it. I posted twice in the last four months. He would not accept anything I said to him. I asked for evidence, he just said "********, you know what you did. I will pay you a weeks notice, as an act of goodwill if I don't project too much". What do I do? It took me years to work up to my dream role and the boss just wanted to get me out? At my age, I won't get another job paying double the NLW. I don't know how to tell my husband!
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