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  1. So it was going to be 4 hours of lorry driving training each day, with the 5th day being the test day. He's saying that he's not refunding the fees because he couldn't find an other paying customer for those 5 days but then yesterday he's sent me a video (of a student doing his practical driving training) by mistake, then deleted the message. If I can prove that he's got another student in the same time as I was supposed to have my training, can I then take it further? Thank you.
  2. Hi, The day before my 5-day HGV practical driving training was supposed to start I got ill with high temperature and sore throat & bad cough. I phoned the driving trainer/business owner and told him that I won't be able to make it, not only because I'm ill but because it could be COVID (as those are the symptoms), so can't risk it. I booked and took a PCR test on the same day, the results of which came back the next morning (the day of the training), negative, thankfully but I was still very ill, so couldn't make it. The trainer is now refusing to refund any of the £1600 fees I paid saying that he's a small business and can't get another paying customer now with such short notice and he can't lose that money. As you can imagine, I'm an even smaller individual who is going to get into financial trouble, not only because of losing that kind of money (for a service I didn't even receive) but because I can't get a job without completing the training. I've offered him to refund only 50% of the fees but he's ignoring my offer and not responding in any way. Please, is there something I can legally do to get even a fraction of my money back? Thank you in advance.
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