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  1. I have my n244 back with draft order from court stamped and date for hearing. How do I know if it's successful?
  2. I have my Court Date, General form of judgement, copy of my N244, 9th February, telephone. I need to prepare an electronic bundle?
  3. ok, got SAR from Erudio, Drydens. Contains no comms log, no recent emails, no second default they allude to in reasoning to not set aside.
  4. I submitted and paid the fee for the N244 last week, I don't mind paying the money back, this CCJ is causing me no end of misery trying to find rental accommodation. The help here is truly appreciated.
  5. as requested 10th March 2008 SLC default-slc-redact.pdf
  6. I have the SLC one, awaiting SAR with Erudio as it was sent to old address.
  7. 10th March 2008 SLC 5th Jan 2017 Erudio
  8. Have DSAR from Student Loans, they defaulted and Erudio defaulted, can the same debt be defaulted twice?
  9. Filed via email this morning and awaiting call to pay fee. Copy to their solicitors too.
  10. Thank You, all done. Because this has already transferred to my local court, can this be issued electronically on moneyclaim website or do I have to file in person with the fees locally? copy to their solicitor too
  11. @Andyorch is the attached draft order ok, I have the N244 ready to submit tomorrow thanks for your help n24-eng-redacted.pdf
  12. filing N244 tomorrow, apparently its already transferred to my local court as it had a warrant of control (which I halted)
  13. Thank, would I get that format from the same place as the N244? Sorry, never done this before and tried to look but can't see anything.
  14. is a draft order just a note with details repeated and request for costs added?
  15. Will add, wasn't sure my dates were written in correctly. Thank
  16. ok, thank you for help so far, preparing N244, can you check the attached as not sure I have it correct please. I plan to send to court 1st November n244 jj.pdf
  17. No point in waiting 14 days, no point in replying to them, will prep forms to set aside.
  18. Response this morning.. L Good morning Thank you for your email. We confirm that the positon remains the same. We would not look to consent to judgment being set aside, as it has been obtained correctly and is furthermore not statute barred as outlined in more detail below. Should you continue to dispute the judgment you may wish to seek independent legal advice and make the relevant applications to court, to which we will respond accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards
  19. I was going to add that they should seek professional legal advice... like they did to me!
  20. Dear xxx Thank you for your reply but your statement is indeed incorrect. You also must know your statement is wrong based on a simple search of large scale successful set asides which show by Google searches on various UK consumer forums. I am prepared to give you one more chance to set aside by mutual consent free of charge to myself, otherwise I will not only be seeking the fee remittance but also possible additional sums related to refusal of low interest credit due to the erroneous CCJ. My set aside will be issued on time without further referral to yourselves nor your client should you fail to positively respond by the 1st November 2021
  21. Thank you. Will send tomorrow.
  22. I sent via email the following I acknowledge the account is now on hold, thank you. As did not defer within 6 yrs, the debt was already statute-barred upon the claim form issue. I, therefore, ask Drydens / Erudio/ Arrow set aside the CCJ by mutual consent and Free of Charge to myself. If I have to issue an N244, I will be claiming the fee back from you and will seek damages to my credit reputation, I will do this in 14 days if I do not hear back from you.
  23. Do I wait until I get actual dates or reply saying they are wrong about it not being SB. Can I fill in set aside form without date as awaiting SAR?
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