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  1. Hi Jr76 Hasnt gone any further at present. As above, just ignore and if they do call tell them to write and hang up. If there are any developements im sure i'll be along to update and request help myself. Thanks Solidscam
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for your help so far. There been a development since my initial post. Received the attached letter by email from my accountant on 25th November. The letter was sent by signed for post to the registered address and not by email as the letter says. The letter looks generic to me with no substance as to how we have infringed upon te license. It doesnt contain information like the previous emailed letter with MAC adresses. Should i continue to ignore? Thanks SolidScam 2021-11-25 CJCH Letter.pdf
  3. Hi all New here, sadly with problem. This is B2B, not if this is allowed here. My business has been contacted by CJCH solicitors (by email), two days ago allegeing use of Solidworks without a license. Today we have been emailed again by a Maria Vinces of 3DS, with a techincal letter attached which included the mac address of two PC's and products with unauthorised use. Further to the email we also received a phone call from the above from a Spanish number to discuss this. I've basically told her to write to us and hung up. Thing is the two mac addresses detailed in the letter do not appear on our network. We also have a licensed copy of SW, installed and in use on the PC with a dongle, which we have had since 2012, and updated yearly until 2016 (this was via Solidcam). We have recently renewed our maintenance through Solidcam to the most recent version. To me this screams of a scam, hence the reson for posting here. Should I continue to ignore as has been suggested in other posts, or should I respond to their emails. Thanks SolidScam
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