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  1. Just to confirm, the letter needs to be sent to the dealership also? We was advised by Citizens Advice to send it directly to the finance company which we have done. We did not talk any action that is going to be taken after the deadline - What action can we take after this time? You advised to say that we're prepared to go to court to unravel the contract and to get any money back from them but what exactly does this mean? We're all for making these threats/claims but I would like to know more information to answer their queries to said claim Thank you for helping by the way!
  2. MOT Date: 3 June 2021 Bought from: Chobham Central Garage Car: Citreon DS3, 72,000~ miles, 2010 Cost: £3,300, £500 deposit with monthly payments set up through a Hire Purchase finance Finance company: Blue Motor Finance Consumer Rights Act Letter: This letter has already been sent to the finance company as of 2 weeks ago requesting they resolve this issue within the 30 days The issue we are having is the finance company are trying to reach out to the dealership to figure out what is happening but obviously cannot get in contact with them. All of this is happening whilst the car is in limbo at a Citreon dealership which will more than likely start charging her for holding the car soon
  3. Hi. My partner is currently dealing with issues from this dealership which seems to be common on here! Stupidly, we didn't do enough research into this company (Chobham Central Garage aka Crown Motor Direct aka GTL GENERAL TRADING LTD) when she bought the car on the 25th September otherwise we never would have! The car had got a service just a day before we bought the car which we have now can assume was a forged document and the sales guy (Nathan) assured everything was completely fine. Just 1 week after buying the car, it had broken down on the motorway with an “massive oil leak all over the engine, fan belt had snapped, the battery had gone and it had illegal tyre on the vehicle, these issues do not look to be new problems. The driver could have died in this car" quoted from the RAC breakdown recovery. Thankfully my partner took this car out on finance so she is not out the full cost of the car and we have the finance team looking into this but it's making matters difficult as seemily around the time the car had broken down, every trace of the company has went down, the website no longer works and phone numbers do not go through so we're in limbo at the moment. My partner did put a deposit down on the car which we have very low hopes of ever getting it back as there is no way of even getting in contact let alone getting a resolution from them Stressful situation to say the least.
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