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  1. Visit them yesterday they said they still wait for the answer from difrent team and its not gonna take long hopefully today or tomorrow that like he said to me
  2. I want to take all my money becouse before u put 8000k on my accaunt an the bank take to reconcile then got my money back today i recive later from bank what they want to close my accaunt i decide to take my money out i went to bank they said you have to order that money first or i can take 5000 now and rest later so i take 5k and straight they close my accaunt
  3. Hello I take ou 5k from my accaunt and then they close my accaunt branch said come in 2 days we will get you money back again i can't access my mobile bank i put my cars in a cash machine i take it and not give me back
  4. Yes, i will no problem do you thing they can take that money again from me ?
  5. I dont no i open today my mobile bank and see my money drop back today, they didn't tell me anything all what they done its send me the letter and say thanks for your complain we looking in to it and will come back to me no later than 04 November 2021
  6. I been today at my accountant they said becouse i had my wife accaunt and i use tp get paid in to her acaunt and i use to send money from her accaunt tp my account so offten that could be reason why . And this way i do biger turn over
  7. Hi any one know what this refference mean ? Nmp Adv
  8. You hand difrent setuation i been saving this money and take it in a cash from cash mashine and my gf did the same and then when we rich up to 8000 i just put in my accaunt
  9. Thanks you all gays i will take all your advice. Hope so evrything will be good and i will get my money back.
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