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  1. It is very difficult to get people to write proper, detailed quote (especially when they learn that you are quoting for the court), a lot of the notes I added here are information I got through text messages, or even, verbally.
  2. A) The repainting of walls and ceilings £3900+VAT (with paints & materials) T&D £4300 (without paints, just preparation materials for walls and ceilings) INOL B) The repainting of the woodwork £700+VAT (with materials) T&D (treated as a quote completed along with the original quote) £1500 (with materials) INOL (treated as a separate quote) C) The fixing of the plasterboard at the conservatory/extension ceiling) £500 (light fix including metal beads being put, with materials & painting work of the ceiling) INOL £275 (light fix including metal beads being put, with materials, no painting work) LS plastering / £595 (more proper fix with materials, no painting work) LS plastering £920 (proper fix including the taking down of the ceiling, with materials, no painting work) DW plastering So far these are the quotes I got, is this what we need here?
  3. Worth noting is that all those quotes I got from the plasterers are in texts messages, and they are not very detailed... A plasterer even told me he never used email even though he has been in this business for 30 years. Ill try to list out the problems and approximate costs from those quotes and get back to you. Once again, thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hi, after several weeks of chasing and losing contact with some of the plasterers, I finally got another 2 quotes for the plastering work. Do you think we are good to go now? LS Plastering.docxDW plastering.docx
  5. Do I have to get a permission message from them stating that they allow me to use those information on the court? (if thats the case, a lot of them would surely say no as people generally do not want to get involved)
  6. one of the plasterer only sent me quotes through text messages, could that be used?
  7. These are the quotes and the comments that I could get from INOL, he refused to do more. Comments From INOL.pdf Quote from INOL for painting and ceiling.pdf Quote from INOL for wood work.pdf
  8. Ah sorry, thats not what I meant, I called them up before someone I knew recommended you guys to me (the advice I got was before I know about you guys). Im sticking to you guys.
  9. Im very very sorry about this, how careless and stupid I was to have trusted the painter and went for it without asking you first. The paint of the walls and ceilings of upstairs bedrooms, bathrooms, and the hall stairs & landing, has been done now. Woodwork is untouched. All work has now been stopped and would not be continued. All downstairs issues still exist, including: paint of the walls and ceilings of living room, conservatory, toilet, paint of the ceilings of kitchen, dining room and utility room. All woodwork. The bad plastering work of the ceiling in the conservatory. Also, Ive taken photos, and videos tour showing defects in all the rooms before the painter and decorator started the work. Including the paint being washed off with damped cloth, and hundreds of bits of bad work done by Decor Development. The painter and decorator also helped taken photos for me. As Ive mentioned before, I did mention some of the painting issues, together with the bad paint issue to Decor development before, and he refused to fix them, stating: "you didnt have any problems before". I asked him to come and fix the whole house, he refused as well, and stating the best he could do would be just the walls of the two small toilet/bathroom, but eventually he didnt even come either. I did mention all these in the complaint email I sent him before. He never replied, would that count? Also, according to CitizenAdvice, I should be sending Decor Development the second letter before proceeding to the court. Shall I do it now?
  10. Bad news, the painter & decorator who has now done the work for me for upstairs painting of walls and ceilings (no woodwork), said he cant send the report to me anymore, because he was told by his accountant that "he doesnt have the right to do official reports for courts" I thought assessment report has to be from local trader and that would be enough? So who can I get the help from? The best that I can get now would just be quotes with very brief descriptions of what people would be doing.
  11. I finally got the quote for the woodwork from T&D Quote from T & D (woodwork).pdf
  12. I just had another plasterer came on Sat and he stated that he can only provide a quote, but not a report, he said he will only do the report if he is told by a solicitor. So far Ive contacted all the local trusted plasterer I could find from different trusted websites, and no one seems to be available to do the report for me for the plastering part. However, the few ones who came to look, all commented it was “bad work” done by Décor Development. (I offered to pay them but they still don’t want to do it.) For now, I can probably only get one assessment report about the plastering work that was done, and it will be from the painter & decorator who could do the painting work, and also some plastering work for me. He is not really a “professional plasterer”, but did have experience at plastering, hence why he was the one who spotted the plastering issue for me when he was here accessing the painting issue. I did some research online, there seems to be no set qualification for plasterers in the UK, everyone can be a plasterer after they gathered some work experience working as an assistant or by doing an apprenticeship. How would the court determine if a report is trustable or not? I forgot to mention about this earlier: the painter & decorator has already started the painting job upstairs for me. If the painter & decorator already performing the work for me, would their report be considered not trustable enough?
  13. I am really trying my best to get the quotes and also the assessment report of the job, but it has been very difficult for me as the numbers of local trusted traders are very limited in my area, and a lot of them refused to do it/said they would do it then never replied again/dont even pick up the phone. Also, not many people do all the work, and some can only access part of the job. So far, the only assessment report that I got is the one from T&D that I uploaded.
  14. Sorry about this... I wasnt really picking and choosing what to claim, it is just that at first, I thought only the paint at the walls are being washed off. Then the traders came and told me there are quality issues with the painting and decorating not only on the walls, but woodwork as well. Then I found out the paint at the ceilings are being washed off as well. Then another trader realised the ceilings were not done properly either. Hence why I did not state everything at the beginning, it was because I only found all those issues later on, after the professional traders came and found them out for me. And like I said, I thought some are more minor issues and cannot be claimed. Also, the complaint letter I sent them 3 weeks ago, I only mentioned about the painting at the walls being washed off issue, and some quality issues about the painting work (since I didnt know anyhing about the ceiling paint being washed off, the improper ceiling fixing issues, and the poor woodwork done). Would this be an issue? I am still hunting for the quotes and possible reports, people are not very keen on doing them.
  15. I didnt get a quote for the wood work because I thought those are more minor issues and cannot be claimed. My main concerns were the paint on walls and ceilings that can be easily washed off, and the improper fixing of the conservatory/extension ceiling. The quality concerns part was some extra information T&D - from a professional point of view - provided me to be used as a stronger argument, stating that not only the wrong/improper paint was used, but also, how poor the work was done by Decor development. Also, most of the smaller issues (uneven surface, lacking sanding, caulking missing, etc.) would be taken care of in the repainting & redecorating process (for example, more attention paid to ceiling and wall line, proper preparation done, caulking done properly etc.) There are hundreds of little bits of bad bits like that in the house everywhere, it would be quite impossible to identify every single bit of those issues. I think I can split them into three main areas: 1. Wrong paint being used on walls and ceilings, paint can be washed off, poor workmanship and attention to details. 2. Ceilings at the extension/conservatory is not fitting properly, metal corners missing, redoing them will also require repainting (a plasterer came today to look at it and will give me a quote+report later) 3. Glossed woodwork done by the painter, lack of masking tapes used, missing caulking, etc. I believe I can get a quote for all 3 of them. Also, one of the painter has already started the work in my house, would that be an issue at all? (I did take all the videos and photos evidences I could already.)
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