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  1. Hello there First off sorry about the delay in providing a courtesy reply but that's not to say that I haven't been following up on this matter. Moreover a massive thanks for the advice BF. As suggested I sent a letter (in appropriate time), a really good letter (so I thought * modesty emoji *). Very detailed, explaining timeline and communications, explaining the issues/quality of sold goods and the basis for a full refund and asserting the responsibility of the full refund lay with GAME, the latter point being the crux of this. A week or so back I got a reply that read as if the GAME customer service agent had ignored the 99% of the letter and was going back a few steps of this complaint. Their response inferred aspersions with my experience with the console/game. Simply put they were seeking explicit technical "evidence of the console running on 720p as you advised with images validating all this information" nothing else. No acknowledgement of the rest of my 2/3 A4 paged letter, just that technicality. I guess a bit disappointing but it shouldn't have surprised me as you advised BF. I have since responded asking why the customer service agent is querying the veracity of the/my issue - I outlined the issue was acknowledged and accepted in store by the manager to the extent they issued me a brand new console to see if that resolved the matter and pointed them to the litany of reports across the web explaining the issue. Also, maybe fortunately, the issue is captured on the official Game Developers FIFA website as a known problem - I'm hoping that's the silver bullet. I await a response and will give a further update good or bad. This is pretty binary in my eyes and can't believe its being drawn out - I'm more than prepared to see this to the end. Thanks once more for the advice.
  2. Hello BF As you caught, yes both items (console with digital game download) bought from GAME as an advertised bundle (still got screengrabs of the bundle/ad). No letter sent but I did actually quote that specific 2015 act when trying to return it in-store. I was scrolling away online looking at consumer advice on my mobile as the manager was testing the console. It fell on the deaf ears of the store manager who wasn't entertaining the return/my query at all. They just kept saying there is nothing technically wrong with the console. I'd question whether the manager even knows about the CRA2015 considering their response/the lack of engagement. I've not done anything formally but I'll write a letter. The store said I can pick up with customer services. I've went more along the lines of escalating from store to area manager. Their website is quite specific that in-store returns can only be made in-store. I'm awaiting a call from area manager next week but after todays update that they will withhold £70 I'm expecting a similar response. It cost £250 in total. I traded in an old playstation as part of the deal. £100 trade-in value and £150 by debit card. For clarity I'm not expecting £250 back via debit. But £100 store credit and the £150 debit refunded was my sole expectation. Thanks very much btw!
  3. Hello again Since trying to return the bundle in-store unsuccessfully, GAME have been in contact to say they will accept back the Xbox and refund the value I purchased the bundle at minus the cost of the Fifa game as it is digital content. £250 minus £70. Obviously I had to activate the content as I had no idea it would be faulty but GAME are saying I have used it. To me this is unsatisfactory as I believe I have a contract with GAME and GAME alone. How I would get a monetary refund from Microsoft or EA I do not know - I doubt they would even entertain the request and also, I do not believe that burden sits with me. I believe GAME should be refunding me for the cost of the bundle I purchased from them. They are the retailer. If I bought a new car and there was an issue with the tyres I wouldn't be told by the showroom to contact Goodyear (just an example). Are they right that I have no course for a refund for the full bundle from them? Personally part refund is okay but that's £70 out of pocket. And it is more the principle that I feel they have been completely dismissive of the case, my issue and providing any level of customer service. If they are right in their stance I'll swallow this but if not I'll see it through. Any further thoughts or do I cut losses?
  4. Thanks dx. Yes was exactly two weeks ago. I had hoped as much so thanks for your post. The store manager was insistent that nothing to do with them as the hardware was working despite stating the above, and what you repeated, what they sold me is faulty. I asked for the next level of escalation - whoever that is, is going to phone me tomorrow so I'll reference under my consumer rights I've been sold a bundle that does not work. Yep, I had hoped as much, nothing to do with manufacturers. Will see where I get although I fear this will be drawn out for something I thought should be fairly straight forward. Thanks once more and I'll let you know the response.
  5. Hello all. New here and wondering if you can help without having earned the right for any. The CONTEXT I recently purchased an Xbox Series S bundled with Fifa 22 (published by EA Sports) from the GAME retailer in-store. The advertisement I saw had the two items bundled together a deal which included both. Once I had returned home and setup the device and tried to play a match is where the issue started. The quality of the game was beyond unacceptable. The resolution was blurry, the quality was so poor to the extent it was genuinely almost painful to watch/play. I'm on a 2K monitor so I thought maybe that was the issue. Tried again on another TV, same issue. Tried playing about with different resolutions and refresh rates, same issue. You would guess this was PS2 quality graphics. After a bit of digging it seems this is a known issue. On the Series S the Fifa game renders at 720p and upscales improperly which causes the visual issues. FIFA 22 players on Xbox Series S say it’s a blurry mess | Tom's Guide WWW.TOMSGUIDE.COM FIFA 22 on Xbox Series S has the same issues as FIFA 21 I had no idea of this issue pre-purchase. I have a fear nothing will be done about this also. I am familiar enough with EA to know of their bad rep. There is a trello post acknowledging the issue but nothing more - 4 weeks without an update, 3 weeks ago was the official launch. This issue is being suppressed on their forums (for no legitimate reason). All mention of the issue is met with a locked thread and banned user directing them to a post saying an update will be posted whenever there is an update. Zero clarity on a roadmap to the fix. All in all I bought an Xbox so that I could enjoy Fifa 22 and play some football and that appears not to be the case. Sadly I have no other desire to play anything else. My Dilema/Query/Lack of Understanding About My Rights I tried to return the console earlier tonight and was told there is nothing wrong with it, the fault lies with the FIFA game. I was arguing that what I purchased is unsatisfactory, it is unable to fulfil what it advertised to do. i.e. The Xbox is unable to play Fifa 22 to an adequate quality, it advertises 1440p (2K) quality gaming, as does Fifa - the end product contradicts the advertisement. GAME were insistent that the hardware is fine, they can't return it and the problem lies with EA. In the store they hooked up my Xbox and showed it played other games. I just don't know where I stand. Whether right or wrong, I am not arguing with their assertion that the hardware is not faulty but surely as a retailer they sold me a bundle and regardless of what component is the root cause - what GAME have sold me, cannot fulfil its purpose. They have said I need written acceptance from Microsoft that I can return the Xbox. I've yet to contact them but I assume they will say Hardware is fine not our problem. Do I have any justification thinking GAME are my contractor and should be refunding the transaction, are they liable in any way to resolve this? Cashback avenue via bank chargeback (although I did use debit ) ? I know this is a nuanced issue but if anyone can offer any advice, insight to what I should do or what my rights are it would be greatly appreciated.
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