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  1. I can’t remember when I took it out. Maybe 2-3 years ago? I’m paying PayPal directly via direct debit. The account is not in arrears and no debt collectors or Newday.
  2. Hi All, Sorry if this is the wrong place. However, PayPal have closed my account permanently due to me being under age when opening it. I also took out PayPal Credit with them. I asked them to put a block on the account so I couldn't use the Credit. I rang up today to see if they could remove the block and they said no because my whole PayPal Account has been blocked forever. There is an outstanding balance of around £350? Can I do anything in regards to this. I'm still paying £50 a month to clear it.
  3. Hi all, Virgin Active (Kirkstall) lost their contract and the gym was switched to Bannatyne... now I am paying Bannatyne for a membership that was with Virgin Active. Is there anything that can be done? Surely I shouldn't have to pay to exit this non-existent contract I signed with Bannatyne? Thanks.
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