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  1. Thanks, I guess Intrum won't be getting the information then. I'll just sit tight and do nothing. Hope the same goes for the big loan...
  2. Hi everyone, 2016 Tesco Credit Card, £2.5k balance defaulted 2019, DMP until recently, sent the standard request for CCA to the owners Intrum. I received the following response direct from Tesco: ...........Unfortunately, you've not provided a signature (I didn't sign the request letter) as authority. To allow us to continue with your request, please return a copy of this letter with the correct signature. We will continue to hold a copy of your data in line with our privacy polices......... Should I respond or do nothing? I'm assuming this is good news that they'll not be able to send the information to Intrum?? I also have a loan circa £20k which I sent a separate CCA request for again with Tesco/Intrum, not heard back from. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, I've been reading the forums with great interest, and thought I'd introduce myself. Having experienced some financial difficulties I entered in to a DMP with Stepchange in 2019, with circa £60k debts, I'm down to just under £50k, StepChange were a great help at the time, but I've now decided to go self managed as some accounts haven't defaulted and some are still charging interest. My first actions were to cancel my DMP, stop payments and CCA all of them (10 creditors in total), one of the smaller ones I've settled at 45% - what a great feeling of achievement that was! I'll keep the thread updated as way of a diary which I hope may help others.
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