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  1. No we have 99.9% feedback on our selling platforms and repeat customers. We also offer 2 year warranty.
  2. Thanks hammy. However why won’t they send me the information of their authority to act for said brand.
  3. I’ve been asking them to provide evidence on who they represent as the trademark owner has given exclusive licence to another watch company. They just said they’ve been acting for them a long time. They e produced no further evidence
  4. You can go to sars if a solicitor is acting dishonestly even if they didn’t represent you.
  5. Yes and No they haven’t at all. The goods are genuine. Hugo boss don’t own the licence for the watches they sold the right to a watch company.
  6. It’s regarding Hugo boss branded watches that we buy from dealers. They are saying we have to send them money. We keep asking for proof they represent the brand but they keep sending letters for money
  7. Had a letter from Palmer Biggs accusing my company of selling counterfeit goods. They are authorised goods. What should I do.
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