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  1. Just made another visit to this car park - no signs on entering the car park about the T&C's but various signs dotted around the car park itself. I note from another forum that the POPLA case officer (on appeal) found the signage to be adequate and confirmant to BPA guidelines.
  2. Thanks dx, no appeal on day 26 as RK, NOT driver (as seen on other forums)?
  3. attaching details here - 1 The date of infringement? 16/10/21 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] No If you have then please post up whatever you sent and how you sent it and the date you sent it, suitably redacted. [as a PDF- follow the upload guide] Has there been a response? NA Please AS A PDFFILE ONLY ..post it up as well, suitably redacted. - follow the upload guide] If you haven't appealed yet - .........DONT ! seek advice on your topic first. Have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] No What date is on it? NA Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? NA [scan up BOTHSIDES to ONE PDF of the PCN and your NTK - follow the upload guide] 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] NA 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] NA 5 Who is the parking company? MET 6. Where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? (840), Arla old Dairy, Ruislip pcn161021.pdf
  4. Got it will read instructions and upload one i get home this evening. Not had NTK yet - only PCN for driver left on windscreen No intention to appeal yet - only complained to the retailer fist - hasn't got anywhere but will be putting in a written complaint to asda
  5. I'm the registered keeper of a vehicle that got issued a windscreen PCN by MET yesterday for parking 'Out of Bay'. I see picture of the vehicle that the driver provided me and both offside tyres are across the white lines, but not into another bay (they are into a white hatched area). Said driver had to park like this because an SUV in the adjacent bay was right up against the white lines meaning doors of neither car would open unless my vehicles was parked over i.e outside of bay. As registered keeper i took it up with Asda (one of the businesses serviced by the car park and where the driver was shopping - ASDA claim they are no the ones affiliated with MET so claimed no ability to gt involved. Any thoughts on whether a challenge to parking 'out of bay' is warranted based on a ) next vehicle parking irresponsibly, b) not preventing other bays form being used and therefore shoppers from using the retail facilities and c) not obstructing traffic / pedestrians ?
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