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  1. So far the declared value is confirmed and documemted the first Claim got agreed and they kept delaying saying the refund will show 5-7 days for BACS but that not true! I VE been chaising this since 28th september, told on 2nd October I needed to send my bank details again as they seemed they got it wrong but not my fault yet they had it since 2nd October! Thats over 2 weeks! I GET Money via bank bacs and from Europe and recently in 3 Days and in the UK its same day and instant! They re messing me about and nothing else! For contents its a Marshall speaker small Bluetooth one value 127.99 And 2nd parcel stolen last week and an empty bag delivered yesterday for Marshall Headphones value 121.99 all sold via verifiable links and invoices and all fully covered to its value, and payment all proven as well as refunds. The first claim was agreed but still no payment 2nd Claim had to file it yesterday and he re the empty bag!
  2. Read many complaints about theft, missing items and asking people to take up insurance and protection, the funny thing is yes I have fully insured and took all covers and documented protection and items which are sold via ebay smart send, and all confirmed by P2GO and yet over 14 days now no money and no settlement, and guess whats next!? Another parcel stolen over a week ago, enquiries after enquiries and an empty bag posted to my customer which I refunded already! Now 2 Stolen parcels, no settled claims with over 120 emails, and over 25 online chats and I had over 10 peoples names. Still no refund via all fully protected parcels worth each 127.99 and 121.99! Total breach and crimes committed over ourselves plus lies and the list goes on! Whats next Police and then small claim court or no win no fee solicitor? Whats next Please!? Real!
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