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  1. I'm really not sure I might be better phoning the court tomorrow I am only going on the date that lowel have said if its next week I have no chance of getting anything in now do I?
  2. I didn't know i had to I replied saying i don't owe this company money with the details i posted above then I got this pile of letters
  3. hearing on the 20th next week I have requested the amended of assignment as they readjusted the amount
  4. here are the screenshots of the Witness statement note at the end they have mentioned the amendment
  5. Yeah its because i actually have no idea what im talking about- Should i just go to court and not bother or should i try and set up a payment plan with Lowell tried but failed LOL Not really debt is 3/4k and it was wrong by £2-300
  6. Hi Thanks for your reply, I sent this defence and completed the questionnaire. They have sent a load of files however while this was all going on i contacted Vanquish and they made changes to my account including the amount and date of default so really I need a new notice of assignment. I have completed the directions questionnaire also. Here is my defence
  7. Hi, I really hope someone can help me? I am being taken to court by lowell for a vanquish card that i had last communication 2017 so it isn't statue barred. I tried to pay the company originally however they would not accept my payment. The case is being heard at the court on the 20th of this month however when i contacted Vanquish they said the original amount was incorrect which means the notice of assignment is incorrect - Should i be seeing an amended notice of assignment with the correct amount and should I be mentioning this in court when I go or do i contact the court before i go to get this adjourned? Thanks
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