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  1. No doubt they have got their version in first, however, i would not understand how one version would be believed over another, no idea what's been said. Thank you all for the advice and comments. Very helpful. I have a better understanding of how to pursue this and the information required to do so. I will let you know the outcome, hopefully it will help others.
  2. @BazzaSYes, to overtake a car in front. There was no collision, i had plenty of room and time as i could see the van in my rear view mirror in the lane i moved into at a safe distance. As i said, he sped up very rapidly after i manoeuvred, i believe it was a bit of road rage. I cant tell you how long it took for him to hit me but it was within 10 seconds. And i know he was exceeding the speed limit for a van, to get even close. @unclebulgaria67 Thank you. I cant say who my insurers are as it could prejudice my case. I lost no earnings as wages are covered by employer. Im on here for advice about how to lodge a claim. So no, i haven't, yet. Looking to get back to work asap.
  3. I'm just getting back on my feet. I suffered a broken neck. It happened 10 weeks ago. I have no idea about monetary compensation. 2. My insurers told me, their decision. They said i have injury cover but i can't claim. 3. Police did attend. They must have taken statements but not from me. I have seen no reports. 4. I have not spoken to any solicitors. 5. I have no idea what the van driver has claimed but i do know he should be prosecuted but these are not my decisions. He was unharmed as far as i am aware. He shunted me out of the way, minimal damage to his van. 6. I havent been prosecuted and dont know about him. Thank you.
  4. I was involved in a collision when i manouvered safely from the inside lane of a dual carraigway. A transit van who was traveling reasonably on the outside lane decided to speed up, in excess of the 70 mph i was travelling at decided to further speed up, im sure to tailgate and get me to move to the inside lane, which i was going to do regardless. Unfortunately for me, he hit the back of my car and sent me into a spin, crashing. My car was written off and my insurers paid out. My claim for personal injuries (substantial injuries) is not being accepted as my insurers are declaring this as " an at fault claim" Where do i go now to dispute this. Its shocking.
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