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  1. So after sending a letter of claim. This is his reply. 

    Dear Peter

    In reply to your email dated 25/10/21. We repeat that we are not willing 
    to accept a car that is not fit for purpose and not road worthy. In 
    response to your finance issues, this is a matter for you to sort out. 
    We repeat we have no contractual obligation to your finance company. You 
    have got yourself into this predicament and we are only trying to help 
    you find a resolution. If you are unwilling to compromise then 
    unfortunately there is not much we are able to do.

    Motion Motor Company

  2. Hello. 

    yes I do have the new car as I drove it away after the deal was completed. 


    yes I do have in writing as he wrote it on the sales invoice which was also included as part of the paperwork with the new finance company. 

    I will upload it as a PDF as soon as I can. I only have it as a photo but I do have the original document I can scan in. 

    as for exchanges with the dealer I have emails as I will not speak to him over the phone so I have it all in writing



  3. Apologies but my head is all over the place. 

    here goes. 

    so I traded in my 2016 Jaguar xe that had finance outstanding valued at £9400 to Motion Motor Company ltd. The dealer inspected the car via a walk around and look over and offered me £9500 part exchange towards a cheaper Fiat 500x valued at £7980.

    All documentation for the deal was completed and the new finance company paid out with the dealer agreeing to settle the outstanding finance to the old finance company, at this point I drove away in my used 2016 Fiat 500x. The vehicle I purchased via finance is for personal use and was purchased as it is more practical for daily useage. 

    2 days later the dealer telephoned me and stated the Jaguar (which is now in his possession) had developed a major engine issue, he stated the timing chain had become faulty and offered me 3 options. Which are as follows:

    1. Pay towards the repair costing £1,700

    2. Reverse the deal altogether

    3. Collect my old car from them and keep both. (Which would mean me having 2 lots of outstanding finance.). 

    I then contacted the CAB to get advice on what I am entitled to legally. They informed me that the issue with the Jaguar falls on the dealer and not myself as he is deemed to be the professional and not myself. 

    I have since informed the dealer of this advice from CAB but he is still demanding I make a choice from the first 3 options offered and is still refusing to settle the finance on the Jaguar. 

    any advice where I can go from here as I would end up with 2 lots of on going payments?


    thanks in advance



  4. Hello all. 
    First time poster. 

    I recently part exchanged a car as part of a car sales deal. 2 days later I get a phone call saying there was engine issues with the car and the dealer is refusing to settle the finance. 

    the dealer inspected the car and declined a test drive as I had driven 18 miles to view the car I was willing to purchase. I returned the following day after completing 18 miles home and 18 miles back without issue. 

    He phoned me offering 3 options which are as follows. 

    1.) pay towards repair

    2.) reverse the whole deal

    3.) collect the old car and have 2 finance deals on the go. 

    I am just wondering where I stand. I have turned down all 3 offers based on CAB advice. 
    I have since been waited 7 days since previous contact by myself to which the delete has not replied. 
    I emailed them 12/10/21 requesting a reply by 15/10/21 by 12pm as I feel they have had long enough to reply. 

    In previous emails I have done the following:

    quoted from consumer rights act
    threatened with Financial ombudsman, FCA, solicitors and legal system based n CAB advice. 

    can anyone please advise what else to try


    many thanks in advance



    P. S. Sorry for the long post



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